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140 Legacy Modules Rebranded and Made Mobile Compatible in Just 3 Months – Case Study

Organizations convert their legacy eLearning courses to the HTML format so that they can be mobile compatible. When these courses are aimed at their customers and external stakeholders, organizations prefer courses which reflect their brand to reinforce identify and foster their brand image.

One of our clients came to us with the same needs. Here is a case study that shows how, we at CommLab India, met their business needs. 

Training Requirement

The largest general insurance company in Australia came to us with the need to convert 140 of their eLearning modules from Flash and older versions of Lectora, to Lectora 16 to make their courses mobile compatible. The client also wanted to rebrand some of the given modules.

These online courses were developed for customer training – educating them on insurance policies and creating general awareness of terms & conditions, and procedures.

Solution Offered by CommLab

The project had two components – first was conversion and then the rebranding. 40 modules were to be made mobile compatible, using Lectora 16. Each module had 10-45 slides and the duration was 20 minutes to one-hour.

We took the old courses with source files as raw material to convert to HTML5. This helped us make their eLearning courses mobile compatible.

Our instructional designers and Lectora experts worked on the project. Quality checks were done concerning the alignment of text and visuals; our quality assurance team constantly checked the course interface and functioning across smartphones and tablets.

For certain courses, the client couldn’t give us the source files. For those courses, we extracted text, images, and other multimedia elements from the legacy courses. We recreated the courses without source files from scratch.

Later, the client gave us 100 modules to be rebranded. They gave us templates to convert the existing courses according to the updated brand guidelines. The client gave us the new logo, fonts, and color theme for rebranding. We developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) templates as per the client’s branding requirements. We updated all the courses using the given logo, color theme, and font styles provided in the templates. 

The Process We Followed

CommLab India followed the Agile Successive Approximation Model (SAM) process to complete the given project within the specified timelines. The SAM process has helped have consistent communication with stakeholders in each stage; this helped us implement client’s feedback at the earliest.

For the conversion project, we sent a converted course as a prototype for the client’s approval. Then, we developed all other courses based on the client’s feedback. Once the prototype was approved, we developed all the courses in a single schedule.

Results Achieved

We converted 40 legacy courses to HTML5 and made them mobile compatible, using Lectora 16.

We rebranded 100 modules as per the given template. The courses were converted as per the new brand identity and theme.

CommLab India could complete 140 modules within three months using rapid eLearning.

About the Client

The company is an Australian finance, insurance, and banking corporation. It is one of Australia’s largest banks (by combined lending and deposits) and it’s the largest general insurance group company, with over $95 billion in assets, 15,000 employees, and relationships with over nine million customers. The company has offices in New Zealand, apart from Australia.

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