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Rapid eLearning: Leveraging Lectora Online to Create Stunning Courses

Today, the world is moving at a very fast pace. The amount of learning content that the learners have access to is itself enough proof. Modern, learner-friendly and fulfilled tools such as Lectora, help organizations fulfil their learning needs effectively. To reduce training costs and speed up the training process, many organizations today rely on rapid authoring tools.

Before we understand what rapid authoring tools are, let us first know what rapid eLearning is.

Understanding Rapid eLearning

It is a method that accelerates the designing process of eLearning courses with the help of eLearning tools. While creating courses using the conventional methods make take months, courses developed using rapid eLearning can be developed within a matter of a few weeks. It is based on the idea that ‘the shorter the content, the easy it is to understand.’

Information and topics presented in bite-sized modules help learners get what they want without feeling stressed and they are also able to learn faster. Even though there may be a lot of information for them to take in, they might not feel the load as information is provided in easily digestible chunks. This leads to improved learning experiences, enhanced motivation, and quick learning.

What is the Use of Rapid Authoring Tools?

Today, instructors can use the free rapid eLearning tools to create and develop course content. This helps them measure the progress and the level of understanding of their learners. It also helps them enhance the course as it helps gain feedback from learners. The performance of the learners is measured using analytics. This helps understand any underlying issues that need to be fixed in time to avoid additional costs or learner dissatisfaction. It also enhances teaching strategies and increases interaction.

The analytics tools help measure course performance. Organizations today provide a lot of training to their employees through rapid eLearning courses and this way, they are able to cut training costs in half.  Rapid eLearning is also termed rapid eLearning development. It helps the learner digest the learning materials in an effective manner and helps them continue learning.

Rapid authoring tools help content creators create learning content in an easy format such as MS PowerPoint. Some of the traditional eLearning tools are Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora Inspire. The other tools used today are Articulate Studio 09, Adapt, Claro, Articulate Studio’13, and Mohive.

Benefits Offered by Authoring Tools

The massive advantage provided by rapid authoring tools is that to use them, the creator does not need technical expertise. Courses can be easily developed and published using these tools. A standard template library of authoring tools is provided to the course creators. These help them easily build the course by offering simple assessments and basic interaction levels.

Tools such as Lectora help accelerate the design process. So having provided you with a fair idea of rapid eLearning and how authoring tools are used in rapid eLearning, let us now move on to understand what Lectora online is.

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Getting to Know Lectora Online

Lectora Online is an authoring tool that reduces the development time in half. It offers pre-loaded templates and course logic. Creators are given access to unified styles and colour schemes. Template interactions can be dropped into the course very easily. It offers a responsive and adaptive course design.

It helps companies achieve their training needs on any device. It helps create drag-and-drop interactions, branching scenarios, and much more to provide astounding interactivity. Its built-in asset library offers more than 120 million assets such as audio, video, and stock images that help you set the scene for your eLearning course and help you deliver a professional and chic eLearning course.

The interactive templates of Lectora Online help customize eLearning courses to fit your learning needs. It helps you engage your audience by aiding in the creation of digital scenarios and immersive learning scenarios such as virtual reality that can be created using CenarioVR.

It also allows you to embed games into your eLearning courses. This will enhance your learning project by providing the required interactivity. Lectora Online is a user-friendly authoring tool that is suitable for both desktop and cloud-based solutions. It empowers organizations to create interactive eLearning modules within just a few weeks. Creating impressive videos and illustrations has been made easy thanks to Lectora.

Lectora offers various customization options. It helps create scenario-based learning courses and interactive educational games. It can be used for creating both beginner-level and advanced eLearning courses. Having understood what Lectora is, let us now understand how to leverage it to create eLearning courses that make a difference.

Pros of Rapid eLearning

Use Cases of Lectora Online for Rapid eLearning

As you might be aware now, Lectora Online is a powerful authoring solution that helps eLearning course creators design impressive and astounding eLearning material. So, how is this made possible by Lectora?

1. Familiar Windows Environment and Intuitive Interface

The pre-loaded, customizable components of Lectora Online make course development easy. It offers templates, design themes, and wizards to help course creators of all levels such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced, to get started with creating their courses. These can be easily published on CDs, PCs, smartphones, and other learning management systems.

2. Responsive Authoring

It helps design, deliver, and publish courses across multiple mobile devices and platforms. It offers numerous responsive eLearning capabilities. It is a versatile tool that aids responsive learning to be quickly and easily brought to life. Scenario-based and video-based learning needs are also taken care of.

3. Collaborative Authoring

With Lectora Online, you can now easily develop eLearning courses with your teams across the globe. The built-in versioning features help track revisions automatically. Irrespective of the time zone you are in, you can effortlessly manage, store, create and review assessments, presentations, and training courses online. Multiple versions of the same course can also be created along with other authors.

4. Lectora Online Tools for eLearning

Some of the tools or assets of Lectora Online that help you create engaging eLearning content and boost your learners’ eLearning experiences are:

  • Asset Library- Here, scenarios can be easily customized. You can gain access to your ideal image through the array of multimedia files it offers. More than 120 million assets offered by the asset library make it a cakewalk for content developers to create eLearning courses and engage their audience in the most effective way possible.
  • Review Link- Lectora Online helps learners toggle between desktops, tablets, and phones. They can also switch to portrait or landscape modes. It helps them create and save custom views. Mobile content can be reviewed and approved easily as the review link is entirely responsive.
  • CenarioVR- Virtual scenarios can be created within hours just by using your web browser. This is done in a fast and intuitive authoring environment. The eLearning material can be accessed via VR goggles, mouse, or touch.
  • Extensibility Sans Boundaries- Building an effective online course is easy. Imagine it in your mind and you can build it in reality. This is exactly what Lectora Online allows content developers to do. Custom libraries and fonts can be included. Course creators can write their own scripts. It allows them to record videos. It is a flexible tool as it sets no boundaries for both learners and course creators. Triggers, actions, conditions, and variables are used to track and react to learners’ behaviour. Personalised and dynamic learning can be created using sequenced events and conditional branching.

Watch this video to learn more about the world leader in rapid eLearning solutions.

Parting Thoughts!

Create the impossible and imagine the unimaginable. Delay not! Start using Lectora Online today to build eLearning courses that help you make the impossible possible. Thanks to the ultimate instructional design offered by Lectora, you will now be able to conquer your business challenges in a jiffy without losing your work and your mind!

Start delivering better experiences for your learners today with Lectora. In today’s day and age where the training needs of organizations have increased much more than ever, you must be thankful for living in an era where modernized interfaces such as Lectora are made available to you with just the click of a button. Thanks to tools such as Lectora Online, creating courses that stand out and bringing about a positive change in the lives of learners, has become very easy!

Due to the immense popularity of rapid eLearning authoring tools in today’s day and age, all eLearning developers reach out to these for their custom eLearning needs. But as there are numerous such tools out there, it is important to choose the right one. Grab your copy of this amazing resource to help you choose the perfect tool for your rapid eLearning needs!

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