3 Authoring Tools that Help you Develop E-learning Courseware Quickly

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3 Authoring Tools that Help you Develop E-learning Courseware Quickly

Previously organizations used to spend months for developing an eLearning course. They used to show more interest in intricate animations and intricate interactions. But now these high-level eLearning programs are no more a choice for them as it takes huge time to develop and hence the costs. Organizations are looking for eLearning that can be developed in a quick and effective way.

Now they demand the courses that can be easily updated, translated into other languages and that are compatible with mobile devices. That is when the rapid authoring tools came into existence. With rapid authoring tools, the development time shrunk along with the designing time. These tools enable to create interactive and engaging courses that are compatible on iPads in a very short duration.

Even though there are many tools, we found these 3 tools to be the favorite of our clients because of their features.

1. Articulate Storyline:

The articulate storyline is one of the most popular rapid authoring tools used for developing eLearning. The following are some of its features.

  • Storyline comes with attractive inbuilt templates that can be used to develop a visually appealing course. At the same time, we can also customize your own templates as per your requirements.
  • Using Storyline, we can publish the course in the HTML5, Flash and IOs format so that they run on multiple devices.
  • If you are developing a scenario-based course, the first thing you do is choose an apt character, but creating new charatcers can be very time-consuming for visual designers. Using Articulate Storyline this time can be reduced as it has in-built characters. It has many characters with different expressions and poses that help you choose as per your requirement.

Example 1:

One of our clients from the automotive industry needed a course on the manufacturing process to train their employees. It was a one-hour course and the client required it to be interactive and engaging. So, we included character animations and interactivities, it approximately took 12 hours to develop the course with one resource.

2. Adobe Captivate:

Adobe Captivate is well known for the use of simulations. It converts PowerPoint presentations to HTML 5-based courses effectively. Here are some of the features that help in the quick development of a course.

  • Simulations can be directly captured in captivate that helps you reduce the course development time.
  • Quizzes play an important role in any course; Captivate provides you with quiz templates that help you accomplish this task easily and quickly.
  • A special feature of Captivate is that it has an inbuilt interactivities library, using which you can choose the required interactivities. This helps you reduce the designing time of the interactivities.

Example 2:

One of our clients, a leading healthcare equipment manufacturing organization, needed a course to train their employees on the performance management tool. The client required the course to be engaging and should also include summative assessments in it. The ready–to-use quiz templates in captivate made our task simpler. It took 30 hours to develop a one-hour course with one resource in hand.

3. Lectora:

Lectora is one of the widely used tools for developing highly engaging eLearning courses. Here are a few features of Lectora.

  • Good templates not only enrich the look and feel of the course, they also make the course user-friendly. This tool allows you to customize the templates as per your requirements.
  • Audio, video and animations can be easily integrated in the course using Lectora.
  • If you have to develop a course in multiple languages, then Lectora is the right tool for it. The export to XML format makes the translations easy and fast.

Example 3:

One of our client’s a leading finance company needed a finance-based course to train their employees. He wanted us to embed several audio and videos into the course. It nearly took 25 hours to develop this course with one resource in hand.

These authoring tools greatly help to develop effective eLearning courses in a short time period. Please do share, if you want to add more to this list.

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