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How Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) Benefits Corporate Training?

The idea of learning has often been intriguing and equally challenging. It was commonly associated with a well-defined classroom setting having an instructor and a group of learners. However, with changing times and technology, especially after Covid, this notion has been revised thoroughly. In the business context, the training methods have seen a dynamic shift with a significant rise in the remote workforce. Even with employees returning to offices, businesses have retained some corporate training methods for good. One of these methods is Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT). Let’s delve deep into this remarkable approach that has maintained its sanctity by facilitating unhindered learning, regardless of the challenging times.

What is VILT?

Virtual Instructor-Led Training is a new way to learn that combines the best of traditional classroom learning with the convenience and flexibility of online learning. Based on a synchronous learning format, it enables the exchange of knowledge between the facilitator and the learners via an online platform. In this learning approach, both the instructor and the learner(s) need to be available at the same time for learning to happen but aren’t bound to share the same space. This is the standout point for VILT.

With its benefits creating an impact and catching eyes in the market, VILT has captured the attention of the L&D industry too. Implementing VILT for training and learning purposes has proved its worth for businesses in ways that otherwise were a far-fetched dream. In fact, this corporate training methodology has been a mutual friend to both the employer and the employees. It helps them both in multiple ways. Let’s see how?

If you’re just starting with VILT, here’s a valuable resource to facilitate the process.

Benefits of VILT in Corporate Training

If you’re in the training space, you’ll know that there are a lot of options for training. From traditional instructor-led training to blended learning and everything in between, it can be hard to know what is right for your organization. But only until you know the benefits (and challenges). In this section, we’ll discuss the top 3 benefits of VILT that have continued to make a buzz in the training industry and helped Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) maintain its importance as an effective and viable corporate training method.

Saves Cost

Virtual Instructor-Led Training costs way less than classroom training. It helps in cost-cutting in terms of three important components — travel, training material, and accommodation. Let’s know more about how each element contributes to the cost-saving venture.

  • TRAVEL: As the training is conducted through an online platform and can be accessed from anywhere, it eliminates the cost of traveling to a particular location. It enables the learners to receive the same quality training at home or any other location without being bound to the traditional classroom setting. This saves time for both the facilitator and the employees, and they get more value out of each session because there isn’t any travel required. Also, taking up VILT is easier for everyone involved because it means less hassle!
  • TRAINING MATERIAL: It also slashes the amount of money spent on providing the training materials. From designing the content to printing to distributing along with additional training aids, a significant amount is saved as the learners have their own learning aids available.
  • ACCOMMODATION: Last but not least, VILT helps eliminate the cost of accommodation. As the training can be conducted from anywhere, having or arranging a dedicated place for training is not required. Employees can attend this training from the office, their homes, or even while traveling. It also saves the employees or the instructor money in terms of their stay if they are traveling to a different city or country. If the company covers the cost for both, it is a huge reduction of expenditure without compromising on the effectiveness of training.

Enables Connectivity Across the Globe

As the number of employees working remotely is on the rise, the idea of classroom training is a thing of the past. Virtual Instructor-Led Training helps connect learners all across the globe. Whether it’s different cities or countries, VILT facilitates a learning environment that ensures knowledge and efficiency, thereby helping businesses to look into diverse talent pools without going heavy on the pocket.

The remote work setting helps maintain an element of connectivity among the employees that otherwise would be next to impossible, often impacting the efficiency and overall goals of the organization. On the contrary, it fosters cooperation and collaboration among the employees to undertake various projects as it includes active engagement of the participants through different activities like polls, chats, breakout rooms, etc.

Promotes Learning Effectiveness

Virtual Instructor-Led Training augments the learning process by facilitating real-time interaction between the instructor and the learners. It enables active participation and engagement between the facilitator and the learner or among the learners themselves. This Instructor-Led methodology in a virtual setting strikes a balance between ensuring the right knowledge without overwhelming the learners or employees, which can lead to additional burdens.

In contrast to conventional classroom training, which offers knowledge but in long-stretched sessions and with limited training aids, VILT enables the use of multimedia to improve comprehension and capture the attention of the learners. This multimedia can be in the form of videos, audio, animations, etc., that bridge the gap between interest and information, thereby helping in improved retention rate and better implementation of skills and knowledge.

Another important aspect of learning effectiveness is in terms of training session duration. Often, classroom training is organized in a manner that includes lengthy sessions that can cause fatigue, boredom, and distraction. Whereas VILT offers convenience along with a good opportunity for breaks when there seems to be a cognitive load.

Wrapping It Up!

Corporate training can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking for businesses. Other components like remote workforce, facilitating training content, inflexible schedules, missing out on the targets, etc., can add to the worry of conducting effective training. With the future being digital, Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) is a great tool to handle these problems. It is a cost-effective way to facilitate training without compromising on quality. It ensures learning in an interactive and engaging manner along with the benefit of promoting connectivity among the workforce. Incorporate VILT into your training and see the results for yourself!

So why keep waiting? Give VILT a try now! Make sure to check out this webinar recording and learn about converting your classroom training material to VILT.

Checklist Before Launching Your New VILT Program