Looking Forward to 2021 With Blended Learning? 5 Blogs You Should Read!

Looking to add some variety to your training programs in the coming year? Go for blended learning and get the best of both worlds with training your learners will love! Want to know more about blended learning? Read this blog.

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‘Tis the season again! A time to look back and reflect on the passing year and make plans for the coming year – with hopes for new beginnings in new territories, a new year with newer corporate training approaches.

We all know how it feels to enter a new territory: a lot of unfamiliarity, a lot of curiosity.

And if you’ve only been using classroom or eLearning for your employee training, going for blended learning might seem like a huge jump. You might not know what to do or how to go about it at first. But there’s no cause for panic, we have your back. Once you go through our blended learning basics and these 5 blogs specially curated for you, going blended will seem like a cakewalk. So, shall we?

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A List of 5 blogs You Should Read Before You Take the Next Step Forward

1. Align Your Blended Learning Strategy With Your Business Goals

You cannot win a game without a strategy, and implementing blended learning for the first time also needs you to choose the right blended learning strategy to begin with. And before that, you need to have your business goals clearly defined – since the training should help you achieve those business goals, shouldn’t they?

Once your goals are set, you can start with identifying an appropriate blended learning strategy that is aligned with the said goals. This blog will discuss the 5 steps to align your blended learning strategy with your business goals, and help make your blended learning initiatives a success.

2. Debunk the Myths Before You Miss the Train to Blended Learning

Blended Learning has been around for a while, and has been a part of numerous training programs over the years. And after all these years, you might be excused for thinking that there wouldn’t be any myths and misconceptions about blended learning floating around. But don’t be surprised if you one or two of them find their way to fuel your own apprehensions about it.

Blended learning is such a popular option because it brings the best of both classroom and eLearning worlds together. But unless you put your apprehensions and concerns about it to rest, you will not be able to implement blended learning in your organization. Which is why we recommend this blog that busts 6 BIG MYTHS on blended learning.

3. Find the Perfect Blend with Blended Learning Models

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ blended learning solution. And if you are worried about how and when to blend different formats of online and offline training (be it classroom instructor-led training, virtual classroom training, eLearning, social learning, or performance support) to get the most optimal blend, you’ll be happy to know there are four primary blended learning models which can be used to create the right blended learning mix. So, what are these models and how can you use them? Head over to this blog to learn how to brew your perfect blended learning cocktail.

4. Agents that Help You Select the Right Blended Learning Model

Both Instructor-led Training (ILT) and eLearning have their fair share of pros and cons, yet it is possible to get the best of both worlds via blended learning. And if you have read the previous blog in this list, you will know that there are four major blended learning models. So, how do you choose the right blended learning model for your organization? Well, for that you need to be aware of what each of these models has to offer. And then you need to know about your specific training needs, technical infrastructure, resources available, and more …

So, a thorough awareness of all such factors with respect to your organization will help you select your blended learning model, and this blog will help you with that.

5. Prepare Now, So You Can Solve the Challenges Later

So, now you know how important it is to align your blended learning strategy with your business goals, you have debunked the myths around blended learning, you have learned about the 4 blended learning models and how to select the right one. So, what’s left? Oh yes, the challenges with its implementation. It’s not all smooth sailing, there are three kinds of challenges that might hamper your efforts to implement blended learning in your organization.

And if you want to know what these challenges are and how you can overcome them, we recommend heading over to this blog to prepare yourself.

Summing it Up!

Blended learning solutions are an efficient mix of classroom training, eLearning, and performance support that will help achieve your training goals effectively. To make your blended learning a success, make sure you align your blended learning strategy with your business goals. Be aware of the four major blended learning models and where to use each of them. And last but not least, be prepared for the challenges to its implementation with strategies to overcome them.

Blended Learning: A Guide to Boost Employee Performance
Blended Learning to Power Up Your Training
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