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How to Create Unique eLearning Videos with Vyond

By 2022, video was predicted to make up for 86% of all consumer Internet traffic. On top of that, while viewers retain a measly 10% of information when they read it as text, they retain a whopping 95% when they watch it on video. With this exponential growth in online video consumption, doesn’t it make sense to use it in corporate training?

L&D trainers face an ongoing challenge of providing training that captivates learners’ interest and makes them sit up, focus, and learn. Using videos as a training tool is an exceptionally efficient strategy. Most businesses see a dramatic increase in training results when they include videos in their eLearning courses. Videos continue to be one of the most successful means of integrating learners in the learning process — they are inexpensive, simple to create, and, most importantly, they elicit interest in the learner.

Creating a live video might be simple. But an animated video in another story. It’s not so easy. You need to understand the principles of animation, learn animation software, and work for long hours. You also need a competent team of artists, modelers, graphic and concept artists, and animators.

And after all that, you still can’t guarantee your results will be what you wanted. You might have to make do with what you get. Do you want to know how to overcome these obstacles and create professional quality videos in no time? There is a way. A simple way. Use any of the several video tools available to create the video you want, on the go. Vyond is a good example.

What is Vyond?

Vyond was previously called ‘GoAnimate’. It is a cloud-based animated video tool that helps even untrained users to create visually stunning animated videos for commercial or presentation purposes.

If you are a training manager looking to teach compliance topics in a fun and engaging way, look no farther. Vyond helps engage your learners in a very compelling way – through active storytelling and better visual communication to improve learning outcomes.

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What Does Vyond Offer?

Vyond comes with a slew of built-in features. Let’s explore them one by one.


Vyond contains a timeline that is divided into two sections: one for characters, animations, and photos, and the other for simply audio, such as background music and sound effects.

You can create new scenes by simply clicking on the ‘+’ sign and changing the chronology depending on the character animations. You can upload photos, sounds, and movies from your computer by clicking the ‘upload’ button. The submitted photographs, music files, and movies will go into the “My Library” folder –”One Central Storage.”


Vyond features different types of characters – business, characters for whiteboard animations, contemporary characters, and popular craft characters. Your choice of character will depend on the situation. You can also modify the character or create new characters appropriate for your videos or scenarios.


You can use preset and default background effects. Or modify or personalize background effects based on the situation or video narrative. Only one background effect may be used per scenario. If you wish to show two characters talking in two separate areas, you’ll need to use additional tools to modify and blend them into a single background.


Vyond’s animations are incredibly smooth. Options include character animations, object animations, chart animations, and text animations. And if used right, you won’t have any problem keeping your learners glued to the course. These built-in animations may be used not just for the default characters, but also for those you have customized or designed.


Multiple Options

When you choose a character or object, multiple options appear – replace, action, expression, entry and exit effects, motion path, position, size, and flip. You have the option of replacing characters in the scenario or video with other characters (with any expression) even after all the animations for the situation or video are finished. You can also run simulations with the help of ‘motion path animations’.

As Vyond is a cloud-based Internet tool, it does not allow you to download the source file of the finished scenario or video. You can only save the file online as a movie (Full HD – 1080p) or as an animated GIF. You may provide a review link for users and stakeholders to access the video or provide full rights as an administrator. The view access will only let them view the file; if granted full access, they may edit, copy, download, distribute, and delete it.

Today’s learners are no longer interested in printouts or PowerPoint presentations. They want vibrant, dynamic content that keeps them interested in the course. And Vyond fits the bill perfectly as it can be used to create eLearning videos that bring your training and eLearning content to life.

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How can you use Vyond in eLearning?

1. Captivate Viewers’ Attention

The learners of today want instant-gratification. They are also easily distracted with very short attention spans. Added to that is their ‘always-on’ mobile culture. So, you have to literally fight for every second of their attention and focus. Video is a very effective motivator for these learners to participate in training and eLearning.

It’s been proven that using video increases retention. Vyond enables you to create eLearning videos that outperform conventional, training films, not to mention PowerPoint presentations and PDF files.

2. Complement Your Current Training

Videos make everything better. Vyond may be used to complement your current training as part of a blended learning strategy. It’s simple to liven up what you’ve got with Vyond. Save your videos as MP4 files and transfer them easily into your LMS (learning management system).

3. Leverage Storytelling

Storytelling is the most potent form of communication, and eLearning videos created with Vyond are great for scenario-based training. Instead of sitting through dry lectures, allow your learners to see the world through the eyes of relatable characters. You may use voice, lip-sync, and lifelike gestures to provide an immersive learning experience.

4. Personalize your Learning

You have total creative freedom over your Vyond training and eLearning videos. You can choose from several colors, characters, and movements to personalize your courses for any situation. You can also include additional video files, as well as music and sound effects. The videos can also be customized based on the role and experience of the employees.

5. Create Trailer Videos

Lastly, Vyond trailer videos can also be used to pique learner interest and encourage them to sign up for upcoming VILT sessions or eLearning courses.

Parting Thoughts

Vyond allows you to create professional looking, 1-to-2-minute animated videos, easily, in less than 4 hours. Vyond is changing the way the world communicates, one video at a time. They also have comprehensive security processes and controls according to industry-accepted standards, regulations, and certifications ensuring safety and privacy. Vyond can be used to create microlearning videos. There is a widespread misconception that microlearning consists solely of videos. But that is not the case!

Microlearning is more than just disparate bits of knowledge chunked into small bite-sized chunks, nor is it limited to video. The eBook ‘Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?’ delves into what microlearning is and isn’t, the different types of microlearning formats, the key benefits of microlearning, and how form follows function. Download this free eBook to learn more.

This blog is co-authored by Nikhil Bhogaraju.

Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?