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3 Simple Ways to Design Engaging eLearning Courses Using Vyond

So, you want to make your eLearning more engaging. We get it. All of us involved in training want our learners to be thoroughly engaged and immersed in the learning. And animated videos are a great way of doing just that. They offer an easy, engaging, cost-effective, and easy-to-manage method of communication. They help bring a character to life – with personality, emotion, and a story that the learner can connect with. They help in retaining information for a longer time and add fun to the learning. The good news is you can develop your own animated videos using Vyond.

Vyond is an online animation software that lets you easily create professional animated videos – with different characters and settings. Vyond’s animated videos can be used in all kinds of industries and job roles. It’s no wonder these videos are so popular as they create a high visual impact on learners and also help convey your story more comprehensively.

Vyond offers life-like features that include lip-syncing capabilities and real character actions (jumping, hitting a ball, talking on the phone, riding a bike, and many more). As mentioned, Vyond helps create videos for any situation, and across industries, with the help of its library of customizable characters, scene templates, actions, and assets.

Learning through Vyond videos increases engagement and retention while reducing cognitive load. It allows learners to see through the eyes of the characters you use. Teaching complex topics is also easier with animations, and Vyond fits the bill perfectly.

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With that bit of introduction to Vyond, let’s figure out the 3 different ways Vyond can help you design engaging eLearning courses.

3 Ways Vyond Can Help Design Engaging eLearning Courses

1. Grab Learners’ Attention Right at the Start

You can use Vyond videos right at the start of the eLearning to grab your learner’s attention (‘Start with a bang!’) or set the stage for eLearning.

Select the main topic of your subject and create a short 1-2-minute video around it. The video can show a conversation between two characters. Or present the lead character of your eLearning explaining its main objective.

Using a Vyond video is not the only way you can introduce your eLearning. You can also ask a quick ‘do you know’ or ‘what do you think was being demonstrated in the video’ question at the end of the video. This sets the stage for the eLearning, hooking the learner into the learning right at the start. You can provide feedback for that question or directly lead into the course from there itself.

Grab Learners’ Attention Right at the Start

2. Challenge Learners with Short, Animated Video Clips

Another interesting way of using Vyond videos in your eLearning is through short, animated video clips along with a challenge question. For example, you can create a short video clip of around 30 seconds or so and let it play in the loop (like a GIF animation). This can be presented along with a question.

The learner can analyze what is being shown in the video and answer the question. It’s like presenting a short scenario to learners for them to imagine themselves in and react accordingly. This helps learners connect with the topic and also in retaining the information for a longer period.

Challenge Learners with Short, Animated Video Clips

3. Communicate Your Story Visually

When you have a story to tell and that too visually, Vyond videos are the perfect solution. You can use different templates and scenes representing various concepts and industrial backgrounds along with the variety of characters, props, backgrounds, and other assets. There are several modern and casual settings in hundreds of combinations. Not just that – you can customize your characters to fit any context, situation, or topic.

Let’s say, for example, you want to explain the impact of interdependencies when working in a team. You can create a Vyond video with a setting of a group of employees working in a team and show their story as a discussion.

Communicate Your Story Visually

Wrap up!

Use Vyond videos to create dynamic content which keeps learners engaged and makes your eLearning more impactful. The good news is creating Vyond videos doesn’t take much time. You can create an effective, professional video of 1 to 2 minutes in less than 4 hours. You can create MP4s or animated video clips easily and transfer or import them into other platforms such as Storyline or Captivate. Vyond is also affordable and flexible, allowing you to add your own touch (your own music or a professional voice).

Bottomline? You can use Vyond videos to engage learners and improve learning outcomes with better, more visual communication. So why wait? Get going and create your own Vyond videos to make eLearning more engaging. To gain insights on successful eLearning implementation, download this free eBook now!

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