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6 Solid Reasons to Opt for Multi-device eLearning

Rapid technological developments brought us into a digital and mobile era of multiple devices. In a very short span of time, we moved from one device connected to internet into a society where many access multiple hand-held devices. Providing effective training to employees and get their attention in the midst of this device clutter is a noteworthy challenge for corporate organizations. Nowadays employees use more than one device for work and at homes. Changing user preferences, the millennial generation coming into the job market and growing business needs prompted organizations to choose multi-device compatible learning. Organizations are using Adaptive and Responsive designs to offer multi-device compatible learning.

Responsive and Adaptive Design

Responsive design is fluid and flexible. It adapts the online courses seamlessly across devices between desktop and smartphones. This creates an optimized learning experience for any device screen by responding to the size of the web browser.

For devices like desktops or tablet, course content can be created to appear in a 2-4 column layout. But when it comes to smartphones, the device does not have enough space to show three columns, so the responsive content automatically adjusts to the screen size and displays in the effective way possible.

Adaptive design adjusts by adapting to the width of the browser at specific breakpoints. It uses a range of different static layouts to present eLearning content on a screen, depending on the device and the screen space available. Adaptive templates are pre-designed and they instantly detect the device and screen width. In this way, they present the learners with the correct layout based on device detection. For instance, the adaptive design creates varying sized layouts for different devices, like a separate template for iPads, tablets, smartphones, iPhones, and desktops

So let’s see  the need for multi-device compatible learning in detail. And, six solid reasons on how multi-device compatible learning is useful to employee training in multinational organizations.

1. Caters to the Millennial Employees

Millennials won’t prefer to take hours of training sessions. Short sessions are popular now. Employers also think in the same way due to costs and work hours. So, dividing the lengthy traditional courses into microlearning modules works best for time-deprived generation of employees. One more thing is many millennial employees take courses on their hand-held devices, as it’s more convenient for them and they can access training materials anywhere, anytime and on-the-go. So, developing courses that are multi-device compatible has become necessary.

2. Engages Learners Better

Delivering training content on multiple devices improve learner engagement. When employees take some part of the course in office desktops and remaining part they can complete on their smartphones or tablets while traveling to home or in their leisure hours. They won’t lose pace in this way.

E-learning companies believe that providing multi-device learning through tablets or smartphones can reduce dropout rates.

When employees have access to learning on multiple devices, this makes it convenient for them to easily drop in and out of learning time, no matter what other work and personal commitments they have to fulfill. If the training is available on multiple devices, they won’t lose track and pursue it till the completion.

3. Makes Learning an Integral Part of Our Lives

As a society adapted to the technological developments, learning has become an integral part of our lives. Now learning is not happening in specific educational settings, but it’s coming wherever you go. The learning started on desktops in offices, continue on tablets in job field and can finish on smartphones while traveling or at homes. The multi-device compatible online courses promote daily learning, in that way it can become inseparable from the lives of employees. It encourages them to sharpen their skills and improve the subject knowledge and the latest trends in the related field.

4. Suits Best for Microlearning

Employers are giving bite-sized learning modules as per employees’ preferences considering their work schedules and deliverables. This microlearning format is working better for multiple devices. Employees can take the training in the short breaks they get at work. If the learning modules are small, employees won’t feel it as a constraint to take them on mobile devices.

5. Seamless Learning Experience

Multi-device responsive courses bring learning to employees rather than employees going for training by offering seamless access to the online learning on the devices of their convenience. Employees can access online training content wherever they are whether it is a classroom, job field, home, or even on the go with the help of responsive design courses. So this type of arrangement can turn any context to a learning environment.

Seamless learning says learners can learn whenever they are inquisitive, in various situations. They can switch from one situation to another using their digital hand-held devices and can keep up the continuity of their learning across the devices and in various settings. It also helps employees to have a seamless transition between formal and informal learning.

6. Reduces Development Costs

Multi-device compatible learning makes it possible to design a single online course that runs well on multiple devices and adapts to their screen sizes. This saves your money and efforts of developing a separate course for each device.

Opting for responsive design relieves the courseware developers from the worries of technical specifications of a variety of devices and helps them to focus on creating effective and interactive courses. They can also manage course easily as the changes done in the master design is applied to all versions. You can do all this with less number of resources and you know what? You are actually doing more with less!

Hope the shared details and given reasons are enough to choose multi-device compatible online learning for employee training in your organization.

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