Make Your LMS Work For Informal Learning Too!

Make Your LMS Work For Informal Learning Too!

Make Your LMS Work For Informal Learning Too!

There is so much of informal learning that goes on in organizations. But there is no record of it. Right? Wrong, now you can do that on your LMS. An LMS can record all the learning that happens under your nose, provided you allow leniency to creep into your work process.

Allow Social Media Access

All learning doesn’t happen within four walls. You learn a lot from your family, friends, surroundings, peers, and sometimes strangers too. Since most of your reps are Millennials, you cannot deny their inclination toward social media. According to a Pulse Survey Report, 81% of respondents feel social media offer valuable learning opportunities for employees. Hence, you can add social media widgets that can be integrated in your LMS. These widgets permit your workforce to access social media for official purposes, thereby facilitating informal learning. An LMS also allows you to keep a check over your workforce’s social media usage. 

Provide Mobile Access to the LMS

As your workforce is on-the-move most of the times, you may hardly know what training they are undergoing. But, if you offer mobile access to your LMS, the informal learning of your workforce can also be documented. You can easily track your reps’ learning activity by connecting their mobile devices to your LMS. For instance, you have published a course ‘How to Enhance Your Sales Skills’ on your LMS for your sales reps. Neither can you expect them to take the course at the cost of their selling time nor you can allow them to skip the course.In such cases, the LMS accessibility on your reps’ mobiles eases your worries as you can track them in spite of their unavailability.

Encourage Collaboration via LMS

If you want your workforce to generate positive business outcomes, you need to let them collaborate. Collaboration draws your reps closer personally and professionally. It allows them build a rapport that helps them understand each other better and better understanding leads to better business outcomes. An LMS facilitates informal learning with its features such as video conferencing, live chat,etc. These interactive sessions allow them to share ideas, ask queries, and raise doubts. This collaborative approach helps them scrutinize complex things minutely and get the solutions of issues an individual approach couldn’t define. 

Promote Team-based Learning

As a training manager, you need to know how close the loop. You should not let any communication gaps or unaddressed issues enter your team that may hinder you in achieving your sales targets. To achieve that state of harmony, you need to promote team-based learning through your LMS. As every department in an organization has to address a unique set of goals, so every department needs to have a tailored training. An LMS facilitates team-based learning as the content of one team can be made accessible to that specific team. In case any team member is in a remote area and needs to access the informal learning, he can quickly connect with his teammates to gain a sneak peek of the same.

If you want to be closer to your sales reps’ learning activity, you need to track their informal learning too. What better way to track it than an LMS! An LMS can ease your jobif allowed to access social media, given mobile access, and encourages collaborative learning and promotes team-based learning. So, take the charge and make you LMS work for informal learning too!

Hope you find this post useful. Do share your views.

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