Tips for Keeping your Stakeholders Engaged in an E-learning Project

Tips for Keeping your Stakeholders Engaged in an E-learning Project

Tips for Keeping your Stakeholders Engaged in an E-learning Project

We all know that stakeholder engagement plays a vital role in the success of any eLearning project. But it is tough to keep stakeholders engaged in the long run, particularly if they are not its sponsors.

Here, I would like to share some techniques to keep such stakeholders engaged throughout your project.

  1. Identify the stakeholder’s specific areas of interest by listenting to what the stakeholder says and understanding him properly .
  2. Adjust your style and approach to suit the stakeholder’s communication preferences.
  3. Get your stakeholder to see you as an integral member of his team. You need to make the stakeholder realize that you are working on his agenda and trying to solve his problems.
  4. Update your stakeholders on the project – deliver both the good and bad news.
  5. Keep them in the “loop” in case of any are decision making situations.
  6. Provide the information in a clear and concise manner.
  7. Make sure that you deliver on your commitments.
  8. Develop a communication plan after engaging all stakeholders. You need to know their preferred level of involvement and form of communication.
  9. Stay on point and keep things moving ahead. Don’t let meetings turn into whipping sessions.
  10. Remember that a weekly project progress meeting works best for most projects. Communicate every week, with all the relevant stakeholders either physically or electronically (depending on their availability). The feedback should be a vital outcome of these meetings.
  11. Make sure there are no surprises for the stakeholders, when they see the final output. Ask them what they expect from the meetings. .Enquire if they want something more on the agenda.
  12. Be clear, simple and honest. Ensure effective two-way communication. These go along way in making your stakeholders happy.

While working on large eLearning projects that involve many stakeholders, you need to be selective and focus your time and effort on the stakeholders who matter the most.

These are some tips to keep your stakeholders engaged. Please share your views.

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