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5 Hot Lectora Publisher 17 Updates

Lectora – the most widely used e-learning development software in the world. A study by Capterra revealed that more than 60% of companies use this family of rapid authoring tools, from Trivantis.  One of the most popular members of this family is Lectora Publisher. The latest version of this online course development application is power-packed with various features that go a long way in developing better e-learning courses. Today, let us look at five major updates to this tool and examine how they help course developers.

1. Publish for Seamless Play

It is a well-known fact that developers of HTML-based learning material often need to deal with screen wipe to ensure smooth flow from one page to another. The latest version of Lectora Publisher eliminates this problem, thanks to a new feature called Publish for Seamless Play. True to its name, this feature facilitates hassle-free access of courses published to the web, by eliminating screen wipe. Furthermore, this feature makes the use of page narration and videos easy for mobile learning.

2. BranchTrack Integration

This brand new feature of Lectora Publisher 17 simplifies the development of scenario-based online courses. You can now import scenario-based technology-enabled learning content from Lectora Inspire and make required changes with just a few clicks.  It is also possible to track the path chosen by a learner when he attempts a question based on a branching scenario. BranchTrack Integration also enables you make the best use of the score value to determine course behavior and undertake remediation.

3. Anchor Position

This is a very useful feature that will help develop good responsive e-learning courses. It enables the users of Lectora Publisher 17 use objects effectively on a page. You can use this feature to determine whether the location of an object must be fixed on the page within a view, even when the view is scrolled. This allows you to ensure logos, navigation elements, images, and videos are rendered properly.

4. Ability to Import and Export Question Files

You can now use Lectora Publisher to import and export questions in the form of a CSV (comma-separated value) file. The tool allows you to specify the correct answer and assign a score value to each question. You can also specify the feedback text and present the answer choices in a random fashion. You will find this feature very useful while preparing answer keys, as you can store quiz information in the text format.

5. Camtasia 9 and SnagIt 13

Lectora Publisher 17 comes with the latest versions of two powerful tools – Camtasia and SnagIt. Camtasia 9 is very useful to develop screen captures of software applications, which can be used to develop simulation-based training materials. The tool also allows you to create videos using your computer’s video camera. On the other hand, SnagIt 13 provides excellent image capturing and editing capabilities. You can create highlights, add shadows, and apply other effects.

These updates make Lectora Publisher 17 a very useful tool to develop online courses. What are your favorite features of the application? We’d love to know.

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