Recreating Flash Courses in HTML 5 Using Lectora

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Recreating Flash Courses in HTML 5 Using Lectora

Before the advent of rapid authoring tools, a majority of e-learning courses were developed in Flash. For years, Adobe Flash was the monarch of eLearning technologies. Coupled with the creative prowess of the online course developer, highly engaging and interactive courses could be created using Flash. It appeared that the reign of this software from Adobe would never come to an end. But all this changed with the statement of one person – Steve Jobs, who declared that iOS would not support Flash-based content.

Later on, smartphones using Android platform also stopped supporting Flash. Google announcing Chrome would also stop supporting Flash content in the near future is the latest update.

With the increasing demand for mobile learning, organizations, in order to run their existing online courses on all platforms and devices, started converting their courses to HTML5 format.

No tool converts Flash output to HTML5 on a click. First, we need to identify the existing Flash assets such as interactivities, animations, etc. Then determine whether they can be re-created using authoring tools or by adding Java script to make them compatible with HTML5.

Here I would like to say that Lectora is an ideal tool to convert Flash-based courses to HTML5. This tool helps develop Flash-based interactivities such as click on tabs, slide shows, etc. I would like to share some of these interactivities developed in Lectora.

  1. Click on Images:

    Click on images

  2. Hot Spots:

    Hots pots

  3. Click on tabs

    Click on tabs

  4. Time Line:

    Time line

  5. Click on numbers:

    Click on numbers

  6. Slide shows:

    Slide Shows

  7. FAQ’s:


  8. Video:


  9. Assessments:
    • Drag and Drop

      Drag and drop

    • Matching


    • Drop Down, others

      Drop down

    • WORD Game

      Word game

Some Flash animations which cannot be recreated can be converted into videos. It takes around three weeks to recreate a one hour Flash course using Lectora.

In my next blog, I will show how to develop complex Flash-based interactivities using Lectora.

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