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Level up Your Corporate Training with Kahoot 360

Kahoot! is an online game-based eLearning platform that helps to engage learners with a quiz-style approach. Most of the basic features to create a fun and engaging Kahoot! are accessible for free. But did you know that Kahoot! has paid version called Kahoot! 360 specially made for business purposes? Kahoot! 360 introduces you to plenty of new customization options that help you to level up your corporate training sessions by keeping your employees more engaged than ever. You can create your desired Kahoot! course within minutes and deliver them in your presentations, training sessions, or business meetings. Kahoot! generates excitement and a sense of competition among the participants because of its game-based nature.

Kahoot! 360 for Hybrid or Remote Workforce

After the pandemic, organizations started to shift toward a hybrid work model or a total remote model, in either of those, eLearning and other online training methods became prominent. Kahoot! 360 sessions can be hosted live on virtual video conferencing platforms like zoom or teams, and the self-paced game mode helps the remote workforce stay interested in learning outside of work hours. A few notable benefits of Kahoot! 360 for the hybrid and remote employees are mentioned below:

  • Training sessions remain productive and don’t degrade their quality regardless of the location of employees.
  • Various interactive presentations and events that are organized virtually can be integrated with relevant kahoots to keep the global learners engaged in your online training
  • Allows every employee to voice their opinion in remote meetings. Adding polls, open-end questions, and word clouds to optimize your kahoots to let every employee start conversations or just share their opinions.
  • Builds and maintains a good relationship among remote and office employees. Employees working globally don’t often get to interact much personally, Kahoot! 360 provides a friendly competitive environment with the help of various games and helps them learn while having fun.

Kahoot! 360 for Blended Learning in Corporate Training

1. Instructor-led Training/Classroom Training

Kahoot! 360 helps to convert your classroom training sessions into engaging game-based learning. The addition of polls, puzzles, and other interactivities can initiate discussions, spark debates, and improve knowledge retention because first-hand interactions can boost a learner’s focus.

2. Virtual Instructor-led Training

Kahoot! 360 ensures that employees stay engaged and motivated in their virtual classroom. It has various interactive features that can either integrate your kahoots with the PPTs or PDFs or host live kahoots. It’s easy to deliver training because it doesn’t restrict any of the video conferencing platforms to displaying them directly through the screen-share feature. Learners can also track their progress with the help of detailed reports generated through advanced analytics that are easy to navigate.

3. Self-paced eLearning

Kahoot! 360 offers eLearning solutions with the help of self-paced kahoots like games or quizzes. Multiple self-paced kahoots can be linked together to create a singular course for corporate training that can be assigned through e-mails and completed on the go.

Kahoot! 360 to Gamify Your Corporate Training

1. Sales Training

  • Help the sales team understand their basic services and products, along with entry-level sales techniques.
  • Engage in discussions and share opinions with the help of polls and brainstorms.
  • Create a virtual Kahoot! tournament to initiate a competitive assessment among the employees, and track their individual performances using the player identifier feature.

2. Product Training

  • Kahoot! 360 can help the employees understand a newly launched product or the new features of an existing product.
  • Easily share product details with the help of slides and embed Kahoot! assessments to ensure product clarity among employees.
  • Receive feedback through Kahoot! polls and surveys to make the appropriate changes in a product as per the feedback reports.

3. Compliance Training

  • Make complex topics easier to understand with the help of game-based narratives and interactive quizzes delivered through Kahoot! 360.
  • Confusing and lengthy policies can be successfully retained when learners get to understand them with the help of creative visuals and interactive questions.
  • Send automated reminders to enhance the completion rate of mandatory training or courses.

Apart from the regular use cases of Kahoot! 360, it can also be used by companies while hosting their one-time events to maximize audience engagement and enhance audience attendance because of its game-based nature that guarantees exciting prizes for being on top of leaderboards.

Plans and Pricing

1. Individual Plans

  • Kahoot! 360 Standard – $17 a month per host
  • Kahoot! 360 Presenter – $29.25 a month per host
  • Kahoot! 360 Pro – $49 a month per host
  • Kahoot! 360 Pro Max – $79 a month per host

2. Team Plans

  • Kahoot! 360 Pro for Teams – $39 a month per member
  • Kahoot! 360 Spirit – $18 a month per member
  • Kahoot! 360 Spirit Premium – $19 a month per member

3. Kahoot! 360 Enterprise

It doesn’t share a specified quote, you need to contact them professionally.

4. One-time Events

  • Kahoot! Event Bronze – $250
  • Kahoot! Event Bronze – $500
  • Kahoot! Event Gold – $750

Wrapping Up!

Kahoot! is one of the global leaders when it comes to delivering game-based learning solutions to organizations and Kahoot! 360 is just a pay-to-win strategy at this point. Kahoot! games and quizzes can belong to any genre or subject, but it still guarantees the engagement of employees because of their highly interactive and modern approach to learning. Apart from game-based learning, there are other equally beneficial eLearning trends that can be explored to ensure the productivity of employees and an enhanced training ROI for organizations. Access this free webinar recording to have a clear view of these modern-age eLearning trends.

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