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Want to Develop Courses for iPads? Here are 4 Tools to Consider

The tablet – a computing device that revolutionized the online learning world. No longer are learners required to carry “heavy” laptops or remain confined to their desks. People can conveniently go through online courses on these devices. Indeed, these devices have truly made learning anytime, anywhere. One of the most popular tablets is the iPad. This product from Apple is very effective in delivering high quality training to your mobile workforce.

How can you develop good courses for the iPad? What does it take to harness the full potential of this “mobile computer” for training your employees? You need to focus on various aspects such as presenting the content in 3-7 minute modules to facilitate easy comprehension. You also need to check the availability of bandwidth to determine whether to deliver the content through native apps or through the device’s browser. But, the most important aspect you need to consider is the choice of the right rapid authoring tool to develop courses for the tablet. Today, we will look at four powerful course authoring software that can be used to create learning materials for the iPad.

1. Articulate Storyline 360

This is the latest version of the widely used technology-enabled learning development application Articulate Storyline. Storyline 360 can be used to publish courses to a native iOS app called Articulate Mobile Player (AMP). AMP is also available in the Android flavor. The rapid authoring tool can be used to create a wide variety of online learning interactions and complex animations in courses for the iPad.

Storyline has a highly intuitive, PowerPoint-like interface. The online course authoring tool also comes with a large in-built library of 100,000+ photographic and illustrated characters, in various poses, depicting different emotions that facilitate the hassle-free development of scenario-based courses for the iPad. The library also has several e-learning course templates that can be fully customized to meet your needs.You can also create game-based learning materials seamlessly, using the Storyline 360. The e-learning development tool can be used to publish courses to Flash and HTML5, besides AMP.

2. Adobe Captivate 2017

Adobe Captivate 2017 is a very good choice if you are planning to deliver courses on iPads as well as other devices such as desktop computers. The rapid authoring tool comes with the best-in-class responsive e-learning development capabilities that help you ensure seamless learning experiences on multiple devices.

The e-learning development software provides excellent support to touch-based learning interactions such as swipe, zoom, pinch, and so on. Adobe Captivate 2017 can be used to deliver content based on the location of the learner. The rapid authoring tool comes with a large library of themes, game-based elements, videos, and other online course development assets. You can use Captivate 2017 to capture the activity on the screens of the iPad. The online course development application can be used to publish to Android and Windows RT devices, besides iPads.

3. Lectora Inspire 17

This rapid authoring tool is the best choice to develop multilingual courses for the iPad. The application is also well-known for its abilities for converting text-heavy classroom training materials into engaging courses for the tablet. Lectora Inspire 17 comes with several templates that allow you to develop courses for the iPad, quickly, without any hassles.

Lectora Inspire can also be used to develop device-agnostic courses. The e-learning development software allows you to make the best use of videos for training your workforce. The online course authoring tool allows you to maintain the aspect ratio of videos which enables you to deliver good learning experiences when they are delivered on mobile devices. You can publish courses to HTML5, which can be accessed seamlessly on the Safari browser of an iPad.

4. iSpring Suite 8.7

This rapid authoring tool is a PowerPoint add-in and very useful to convert instructor-led training resources in PPT format into high quality online courses for the iPad. iSpring Suite 8.7 supports more than 180 animations of PowerPoint and all transitions created using the Microsoft application. The e-learning development software comes with a player, which can be fully customized to meet your unique needs.

iSpring Suite has a large library of e-learning assets and helps you develop video-based lessons of high quality. You can also develop simulations of conversations, very useful to develop communication skills. You can use the application to publish technology-enabled learning content to iSpring Play, a native app available in iOS and Android versions. You also have the option to publish courses to HTML5, Flash, and MP4 formats.

The choice of the right online course authoring tool plays a key role in the development of good courses for the iPad. Would you like to expand this list? You’re most welcome.

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