8 Features in iSpring that E-learning Developers Would Love to Use

8 Features in iSpring that E-learning Developers Would Love to Use

8 Features in iSpring that E-learning Developers Would Love to Use

Are you looking for any platform to share media-rich content and interactivity? Then here is the solution.

iSpring is one of the authoring tools. This provides different methods for sharing content and also for creating functionality for online courses. I have been using iSpring for a couple of years and have found some interesting features like Kinetics (the instruction builder), Quiz Maker, PowerPoint video to Direct publishing to YouTube and so on.

In this blog, I am going to share some of the interesting features of iSpring that would help Instructional designers while creating online courses.

Convert PowerPoint to Video 

This is the best feature that has a growing demand. Using this iSpring Suite, we can not only convert PowerPoint presentations to a video file but also publish them immediately. As soon as you convert your presentation to the .mp4 file, you will obtain a video format in which all the PowerPoint effects are preserved accurately. You can also save these copies to your hard drive.

Harness the Power of Social Media 

If you want to copy a direct link to your presentation, then just paste it anywhere you like to. For example, you can add a banner, send an instant message to the client, or choose any of the hot tabs to share content via email or any social media.

Upload Courses to YouTube

We can directly upload courses to YouTube from the iSpring Publishing Window. In order to do this, you need not save the course on your computer; you can directly upload it by just signing in to your account.

Seamless Access on iPad and Android Devices 

iSpring viewers can easily deliver their content on iPad and android devices. Using these gadgets, we can take the course anywhere, anytime without any Internet connection. Through this app, we can overcome the problems like poor Internet connection, and so on.

Ability to Preview the Course on Multiple Devices

Do you want to check how your content looks on various devices? You can check this out with iSpring. Using the iSpring preview mode, you can view how your presentation looks on multiple devices. In a single window of iSpring suite, you can view your course on a variety of devices ranging from a smartphone to a desktop.

Unleash the Power of Characters

To engage the learners throughout the course, we make use of some special characters. We can choose avatars, personages of different poses, expressions, and gestures that may be appropriate to the meaning of the content. This enhances the course and helps in effective learning too.

Using iSpring suite, we can easily create the new character. Once you upload the picture into the iSpring suite, it automatically gets saved in your character gallery.

Facility to Build Interactivity Quizzes and Surveys

To retain the learner’s level of knowledge, we need to create smart quizzes and surveys to supplement online courses. With the help of iSpring app, quizzes and surveys instantly adapt the size of the screen.

  • Updated Quiz editor – Background audio defines the number of repeats.
  • Customized Questions – Change the look of each question as you like; you can apply color themes and animations.
  • Grouping of Questions – To make testers comfortable, you can group different questions into one group.
  • Rich media insertions – You can create questions based on audio clippings and videos.

Multi-device Media Interaction

Ensure that all interactivities play correctly on any screen. But with the help of the iSpring suite, we can avoid such problems.

Using this app, we can customize the player by adjusting the colors and interactivities of our known choice.

These are some of the interesting features of iSpring that developers would love to use during e-learning course design and development.

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