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4 Reasons to Use iSpring Suite for Quick and Easy E-learning Development

Imagine creating a course from the bottom up, coding each element through complicated programming language. Sounds exhausting, doesn’t it? If developing an e-learning course takes a long time then many of your resources are tied up doing the same thing, reducing your work efficiency. The cost of development also increases significantly as you need to hire technical people who are skilled at programming. Such a snail-paced development process also can’t keep up with the high influx of training requirements in today’s skill and knowledge driven work environment.

In order to circumvent this tedious process, powerful e-learning authoring tools were developed. They can build e-learning courses quickly and easily without having to compromise on quality. One such tool that helps you achieve this is the iSpring Suite 8.7. Founded in 2000 as just PowerPoint-to-Flash converter software for e-learning, iSpring software has come a long way in becoming a comprehensive rapid authoring tool. Today, iSpring’s 157 people strong team helps over 47,000 employees to be trained and make a difference in their work life. Let’s explore some of the key capabilities that allow iSpring suite to create quickly and efficiently:

1. Maximize your PowerPoint Capabilities

Let’s say your organization was using PowerPoint presentations up until now to train your employees, but now you want to use a proper e-learning course . In situations like this, with iSpring Suite you no longer need to waste time starting from scratch. You can use a presentation of any complexity as the basis for your e-learning course. It not only converts your PowerPoint into a Flash or HTML5 based course, but also preserves all the effects like transitions, animations and triggers. This tool also has a special mode for adjusting the structure of your e-learning course, where you can create a hierarchy of slides, specify the display duration of each slide, control the navigation, and much more.

2. Easily Build Assessments

With the iSpring Suite, you no longer have to spend time in figuring out your assessment strategy. As you know, assessments are highly important to make sure that your e-learning program is delivering the right results. With the iSpring Suite, you can easily customize the display of each question like selecting a layout, choosing the color, adding animations, and adjusting the display of video and images present in your questions. It also allows you to make your assessments dynamic by adding branching scenarios, wherein the next question or slide depends on the response of the current one. In addition to this, you can also include a flexible scoring system and set specific conditions for passing the tests. Do all of this, without spending any extra time. 

3. Create Conversation Simulations

iSpring Suite makes it possible for you to create a very powerful learning method like a dialogue scenario very easily. With a feature called TalkMaster, you can intuitively create various scenes and add links between them, building a branched conversation scenario. To design a realistic scene, you just need to choose from a vast collection of characters, emotions, and backgrounds. You can make the dialogue simulations truly immersive by easily adding voice-overs. You can conveniently record them for a narrator, character and reply choices, or simply bulk import ready audio narrations.

4. Complete Technical Compatibility

Achieving overall technical compatibility can end up consuming a lot of your time, but not with iSpring Suite. It allows you to convert courses to HTML5, Flash, and MP4 video formats for universal compatibility. If your target group is bound to use a lot of low power devices, then you can even reduce the size of the output file. iSpring easily allows you to adjust the compression settings for all images, videos, and audio inserted into the course. Courses created with iSpring Suite are compatible with any Learning Management System. Simply select the standard that your LMS supports like SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2nd, 3rd, or 4th edition), AICC, Blackboard, Effectus, or Experience API (Tin Can API) and you are good to go.

So if your organization wants to develop high quality courses without spending a lot of time on training, then iSpring Suite is your software.

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