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How Do Articulate 360 Apps Help Speed Up eLearning Course Development?

Articulate 360 is one of the world’s best eLearning authoring apps to design and develop any kind of online courses. Many organizations around the world use this app owing to its ease of development, for both online and offline versions of courses. This app has a good template library, is mobile-friendly, and offers excellent community support.

This app has solutions for all the needs of a course developer. It has apps that offer everything needed to design and develop online training, right from kick-starting the development process, to collaborating with clients, to creating the final product. The tool has powerful apps such as:

  • Studio 360
  • Content Library
  • Video editing and sharing apps
  • Easy-to-use course review app: Articulate Review

With these powerful apps, you can virtually create any interaction, based on your imagination, from beginning to end.

Articulate 360 Apps

In this blog post, I will give you an overview of the features of Articulate 360 apps that will help you speed-up your eLearning course development.

Storyline 360 (Create Custom Interactivities)

Storyline 360 has the ability to create any kind of custom interactivity you can imagine, on any device. You can develop compelling interactivities with the easy-to-use features such as slide layers, triggers, and states. It also allows you to convert your content into interactive assessments, in variety of ways.

With Storyline 360, you can add instant interactivities with buttons, dials, sliders, markers, and hotspots. With variables, you can personalize the learning experience by creating dynamic content.  And the responsive player adds more value as it allows you to publish the course without much additional effort.

Rise (Responsive Courses)

Articulate Rise is a web-based app that helps you develop responsive courses in the browser itself. There is no need to download additional software. Its flawless responsive web technology helps in delivering an efficient learning experience to learners.

This app has pre-built interactions that help you build custom lessons in a simple and superfast method. Finally, the best part of this app is that your eLearning courses get adapted automatically to all devices.

Studio 360 (Convert from PowerPoint)

Studio 360 is a super easy way to transform your existing PowerPoint presentations into interactive eLearning courses. Using Engage 360 and Quizmaker 360, you can create pre-built modern interactions and quizzes in moments, just by adding elements to the already existing ones. You can also embed videos files created using Peek and Replay 360.

Replay 360 (Capture Videos)

Adding a human touch to the courses is possible with Replay 360. It allows you to record videos with the webcam. With Replay 360, you can record your webcam and screen at once, to provide a personal guided tutorial to your learners. Once the screencasts are ready, you can edit them and also include media clips and highlight important information.

After publishing the video, you can share it anywhere you want to, and incorporate the same into Storyline 360, Studio 360, and Rise courses. Replay 360 publishes videos to the MP4 format.

Peek (Record Screencasts and Share)

Using Peek, you can capture screen activities and develop and screencast videos on PC and MAC devices. With just a few clicks, you can record standalone videos that can be shared for quick feedback with clients or colleagues. A major benefit is that you can take a break while recording and pick up right from where you left off.

Content Library (Professional Assets/Template Library)

Articulate 360 comes with a subscription. It’s a one-stop shop with the best collection of eLearning assets that help you create professional eLearning courses. It has an ever-expanding library of over 2 million gorgeous, high resolution photographs, illustrations, icons, and videos that you can access instantly.

In addition, it has hundreds of professionally designed, ready-to-go slide templates with organized design and color themes, which are easy to customize. Articulate 360 frequently keeps adding/updating templates that offer more advantage to your eLearning course development.

Articulate Review (Quick Review)

Articulate Review is a web-based app that allows you to collaborate with the internal team, client, and all the stakeholders to speed-up the review process, by consolidating feedback in one place. It’s a great way to provide your eLearning project feedback, right through the web browser itself.

All reviewers will be able to view the comments, changes, or recommendations that are given for a particular course on the browser, making the review process simpler. You can avoid the back-forth process of reviewing, as issues can be resolved at once, with the streamlined review process.

Articulate Live (Learn from Live Training)

Articulate Live offers you an exclusive live training opportunity to enhance skills by learning from experts/gurus. It has a series of webinars scheduled on a regular basis, that help train teams for better eLearning. You can access all the tools and the required training material to start your eLearning course development. It also allows for real-time Q&A sessions that help learners understand better.

Take advantage of the tips, tricks, and best practices to use the main features in the Articulate authoring app. I hope this blog post offered you ample knowledge on the apps of Articulate 360. Do share your thoughts on the apps offered by Articulate 360.

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