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Unleash the Power of Videos for Training Manufacturing Workforce

It is a well-known fact that the manufacturing sector is one of the key components of the American economy. Manufacturing companies across the United States contribute a significant chunk of the nation’s economy and provide livelihood to millions of people.

Human resources of high-quality go a long way in enhancing the efficiency of companies in this vital industry, and it is essential that manufacturing companies impart effective training to their staff members to stay ahead in a fiercely competitive and highly dynamic market. But, how can these companies equip their staff with the needed knowledge and skills in an efficient and cost-effective manner? Well, one of the ways manufacturing organizations can train their employees effectively is by using learning videos.

Why should companies in the manufacturing sector use videos for training their staff?

Videos are inarguably the most popular of media elements, and good video-based lessons help learners connect with the subject-matter at an emotional level. They go a long way in driving learner engagement and facilitate effective retention of knowledge. Check the blog Videos in E-learning – The 7 Benefits to know more about how videos help deliver corporate training of high quality.

How can videos be used to impart effective training to employees of manufacturing firms?

Learners can be trained effectively on industrial safety

It is common knowledge that companies in the manufacturing industry use a variety of machinery and material. These companies are mandated by law to train their people on safety aspects, and failing to do so could lead to serious consequences.

Video-based learning modules can be used to deliver good safety training to the staff of manufacturing firms, in an interesting manner, with minimal expenditure. You can use videos to educate learners on the precautions to be taken to prevent mishaps at the workplace. You can also use video-based lessons to teach the steps involved in using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). One of our clients in the auto component manufacturing space uses bite-sized videos for demonstrating the steps to be followed while using flame-resistant clothing, to its welders.

Training can be imparted on the prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) laws

Many American states have enacted stringent laws about POSH at the workplace, and failure to comply with these statutes can lead to severe penalties, including hefty fines and even annulment of the license to operate, in extreme cases. Proper training on the laws plays a key role in preventing incidents of sexual harassment at the workplace.

You can go for video-based lessons to impart good POSH training. The ability of videos to depict emotions in an effective manner makes them the ideal tools to deliver this mandatory training program. One of our clients, an electronic equipment manufacturer, uses an interactive video-based curriculum for training its learners on POSH, and the initiative is a big success.

Knowledge and skills to operate complex machinery efficiently can be imparted

The manufacturing industry makes use of highly sophisticated machinery. Organizations in this sector use various control systems which ensure the smooth functioning of the assembly line, transfer machinery and a wide range of other equipment to perform tasks such as welding and so on. It is very important that the personnel using these machines are trained effectively to operate the equipment efficiently.

You can go for animated videos to impart good training on the use of complex manufacturing equipment. They are very useful to make your learners aware of various parts of and impart knowledge about the equipment. One of our clients in the metal sheet manufacturing industry uses animated video-based lessons to impart training to its workforce on the steps to be followed to use lathe machines, with a high degree of efficacy.

Supply chain management (SCM) software training of high quality can be imparted

Effective SCM plays a key rolein the smooth functioning of amanufacturing enterprise. As Americanmanufacturers increasingly source raw materials and components from various parts of the continent and other regions, to meet their growing needs, it is very important that they ensure the proper management of their supply chains. Today, many organizations are using software applications such as SAP to facilitate hassle-free SCM. It is important that the staff of manufacturing companies is trained effectively on these computer-based tools.

You can use video-based lessons to deliver good training on SCM software. Learning videos can be used to demonstrate the steps of procedures to carry out various tasks such as processing a requisition for goods once the re-order quantity level is reached. You can also use bite-sized videos to provide just-in-time (JIT) support to employees who use SCM software.

We thus see that videos are very useful to deliver effective training to manufacturing workforce. How do you use video-based lessons to impart knowledge and skills to your employees? We’d love to know.

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