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Videos in E-learning – The 7 Benefits

Videos in eLearning inject freshness in the learning. According to a report by Ambient Insight, 83% of organizations will use videos in their digital learning by the end of 2016. And, a plethora of studies have revealed that a learner can only remember 10% of what is read, 20% of what is visual, 30% of what is heard, and 50% of what is visual and heard. This is why videos, with their visual and auditory elements, are an essential component of e-learning courses. Let’s look at the top 7 advantages they bring to the table.

  1. Demonstrate complex topics easily: Videos simplify any topic. Right from complex product demonstrations to showing far-off destinations or emergency exit routes, they can be used in a wide variety of trainings. This allows learners comprehend easily and retain information for a long time.
  2. Aid knowledge retention: Videos are one of the most interactive elements that engage learners throughout the course. They help learners assimilate and retain the knowledge and skills for a long time.
  3. Engage learners: Videos hook the attention of learners for a long time. Learners stay focused and grasp the elements of learning effectively through videos.
  4. Reduce dropout rates: Since videos engage learners through their high-impact visuals and audio effects, they help arrest course dropout rates. Videos loaded with text, sound, and images take learners to a new world of learning that is fun and intriguing.
  5. Trigger discussions: Videos leave learners room to understand the concepts thoroughly and discuss the gray areas with their peers.
  6. Bolster the learning experience: Videos present boring content in a new light. The appeal of videos enhances the learning experience of the participants by driving them to think and perceive concepts quickly.
  7. Make it easy to present simulations: Simulations help employees put their learning into practice in a virtual environment and build confidence before they work on the actual system. And, simulations are easy to show and perceive through videos. According to an Ambient Insight report, simulations shorten learning time and enhance training retention.

Mentioned above are a few advantages a learner can reap by incorporating videos in eLearning. To increase engagement, knowledge retention, and give learners an incredible learning experience, it is pivotal to include videos in online courses. Do you have anything to say? Please leave a comment.

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