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It’s Time – Incorporate Mobile Learning into Corporate Training Today!

In today’s time, saying humans and mobile phones are inseparable won’t be an exaggeration. It is both a blessing and a curse, depending on how you decide to use it. With the digital generation forming a large part of the workforce, looking for ways that align well with their lifestyle and learning habits is the need of the hour. One solution that fits perfectly well with modern-day training and learning requirements is mobile learning.

Rightly said by Ray Kurzweil, “Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge.” With the abundant potential to literally transform the world, mobile phones are more than just gadgets. From connecting people across the globe to being an invaluable knowledge hub, mobile phones tend to play a proactive role in our lives. That being said, convenience and easy access to information at the point of need is what makes mobile learning a viable and preferred approach for delivering training.

What Is Mobile Learning?

Mobile learning, also known as mLearning, is a quickly growing trend that offers an innovative way to provide information to learners. It includes the delivery of training content via portable devices and apps. The standout point for mobile learning lies in the fact that the information can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. Mobile learning enables you to learn anything without much hassle. It defies the confines of conventional learning methods and provides feasibility.

Benefits of Mobile Learning

Mobile learning falls under the umbrella term of microlearning. So, all the benefits of microlearning apply to mobile learning as well. If you wish to know these benefits in detail, we have iterated them for your convenience here:

Just-in-time Availability

Imagine the pain of your employees having to go through a bulky manual just to find a single formula or a code that somehow slipped their minds. That can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. To save them from such experiences, mobile learning should be your go-to approach. It provides them with the particular information required at a certain point in time or for a specific task without hindering or having an impact on overall productivity and quality of the work.

Flexible and Time-efficient

Let’s be honest; not many employees are big fans of being asked to stay till late just to finish the assigned training. It has a tremendous impact on their focus and learning. On the other hand, mobile learning is facilitated via portable devices that are handy. It allows the employees to utilize the spare time on their hands. They can learn while traveling, at home, or at any other time that suits them. This can enormously benefit the employees and the organization in achieving the learning objectives in an efficient and timely manner. Mobile learning shuns the notion of fixities associated with classroom training and promotes the concept of a self-directed, lifelong flexible way of acquiring new skills and knowledge.

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Easily Accessible

Prior to the digital era, finding answers to questions used to be a mammoth task. But with mobile learning taking charge, each and every kind of information is at your disposal. All you need is a mobile phone and an internet connection. The ease of access to the training module itself acts as a motivation for employees to undertake the courses that augment their skills and knowledge without adding stress or burden. Mobile learning, for corporate training purposes, strives to bridge the gap between the necessity and luxury of learning to help employees become more efficient and productive in their roles.

High Retention Rate

Why bother learning when you know you’ll forget it after some time? Well, not all information that is gained is forgotten. It depends on the way how information is attained. We are all well aware of the fact that information is retained for longer periods when it is provided in an interactive and interesting manner. Mobile learning courses include interactivities that engage all senses of the learner, thereby promoting increased learning and retention. Moreover, the information is delivered in small chunks, which prevents cognitive overload and allows proactive learning.

Shorter Duration

Being a part of microlearning, mobile learning content is usually of shorter duration. The learning modules typically range somewhere between 3 to 5 minutes, which are concise and easy to complete. Complying with existing learner behavior which entails time constraints and reduced attention span, mobile learning aims to provide specific information and knowledge about a topic that can be grasped quickly. It does not cater to complicated concepts that can stretch for hours and lead to burnout. Instead, the content is designed to adhere to the single learning objective that contributes to successful business results.

Why Should You Incorporate Mobile Learning in Corporate Training?

Keeping the perks in mind, businesses that value organizational resources and have a growth-oriented mindset are readily opting for mobile learning to provide corporate training. While electronic gadgets, such as laptops and computers, maintain their popularity, mobile phones are gaining prominence for their convenient and easy-to-handle style. Therefore, mobile learning gains an edge in terms of reach, ease, and effectiveness of learning.

Here are some hard-to-ignore points that are sure to persuade you (if you aren’t already) to implement mobile learning in your corporate training:

  • It’s cost-efficient! The cost of the program is usually lower than classroom-training sessions.
  • Enables one-time content delivery to a large number of employees
  • Increases employee engagement rate
  • Tracks the progress of your employees
  • Provides real-time feedback
  • Easy to update

Wrapping It Up!

As mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives, providing your employees with training methods that complement this idea can be your best bet. Mobile learning enables them to take up courses and get the essential knowledge or information without any formal confinements. It’s a great way to strike a balance between employee and employer requirements. Employees can learn at their own will and as per their convenience, and employers can benefit by attaining productivity and efficiency without having to micromanage or the training being heavy on the pocket.

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