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5 Benefits Offered by Mobile Learning to Level up Your Training

“Mobile phones are misnamed. They should be called gateways to human knowledge.” ~ Ray Kurzweil

So, I recently lost my phone and it was 2 days till the new one was to arrive. I still tell people about how hard those 2 days were, it was as if I was cut off from what is happening around me. I remember the time when there were no phones and we still got by. But why has it become so difficult now?

Maybe because mobile phones have become an integral part of our day-to-day lives. Functioning without a mobile phone seems not possible anymore, now we can do almost everything with our mobile phones, it is like a world that is the size of our palm. As human beings, we adapt to changes around us and mobile phones have been one such change. They are a part of us now in everything we do. And hence the ever-expanding reach of mobile phones has made it imperative for corporates to incorporate mobile phones in our learning program too. Enter Mobile Learning!

Mobile learning offers a lot of benefits, it has been well received by learners too. Learners are now motivated and engaged because of the freedom they get because of mobile learning. There are many advantages of using mobile learning, however, I am going to state a few of them for you in this blog.

Benefits Offered by Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning Supports Self-Paced Learning

The current workforce does not have enough time in hand, they come with tight schedules. Gone are those days when we could dedicate hours to training. What modern learners need is any time, anywhere, and any device learning. Training is not confined to a cubical anymore. This is when mobile learning plays the role of your trusted learning partner.

Mobile learning offers small, topic-specific, bite-sized learning content that is easily digestible. Learners can go through these small information nuggets on their handheld devices whenever they want. This self-paced learning makes training much more effective. What learners get is need-to-know-information rather than nice-to-know-information.

Explore how mobile learning is the one-stop solution for all your training needs.

Mobile Learning Helps to Achieve Learning Objectives Faster

As I have stated above that the whole learning content is divided into small modules that learners can complete faster. This offers another benefit of mobile learning, that it helps organizations achieve their learning objective faster with better learning outcomes. As these shorter modules focus only on important information, learners only get information that is required and essential. All of this makes them reach their goal faster. Also, the learners get the ease of accessing content anywhere, which keeps them motivated and hence they learn faster and retain better. Overall getting better learning outcomes.;

Mobile Learning facilitates Just-In-Time Learning

Mobile learning provides the freedom to learners to access information wherever and whenever required. For instance, you are trained to work on a specific piece of machinery, and now it is time to get your hands dirty and start working on it. While working on it, you have some doubts. What do you think is more practical? Reaching out to your mobile phone and getting information on a just-in-time basis or going back to your workstation and going through the training once again? Well, of course, it has to be the first one, it is always the mobile phones.

Because of mobile learning learners have the access to information when they need it the most. Mobile learning is a perfect conduit for just-in-time learning. Also, many employees are working in the field and not from the office, so this benefit offered by mobile learning proves to be a boon for them.

Mobile Learning Supports a Variety of Training Strategies

Smartphones offer all the features that will help you in day-to-day life. These features can be used for training too. They can be used for interactive 360 degrees videos and virtual reality too. Handheld devices are perfect when it comes to social learning through social media platforms. Being touch-friendly smartphones are very effective for interactivities and mini-games.

Modern learners’ learning needs are very specific to current trends and organizations need to keep up with them. Providing them options with a variety of learning strategies will lead to enhanced learning and hence better learning outcomes.

Mobile Learning Enables Quick and Easy Feedback

Learning follows a cycle, information is delivered by a trainer, received, and retained by learners. However, there is another important step in this cycle that is often overlooked. Feedback!

Yes, measuring the effectiveness of training feedback is very important. Now that mobile learning is here providing updates and feedback has become much easier. Learners can receive instant feedback from their trainer or vice versa. This instant feedback with help to identify mistakes almost immediately and correct them too.

Parting Thoughts

Before I let you go let me state some facts. Were you aware that by 2025, there will be about 5 billion users of mobile phones? Also, 80% of mobile phone users use a smartphone, and approximately 57% use multiple devices. I think the stats highlight the opportunity that training professionals have. Leveraging this phenomenon to train the workforce will prove to be essential to future-proof your training program. I am sure you are curious to know more about mobile learning and incorporate it into your training program. Find out more about mobile learning and how it can be an effective tool for enhanced performance. Grab our eBook Now.

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