5 Exciting Reasons You Should Partner with an E-learning Vendor

5 Exciting Reasons You Should Partner with an E-learning Vendor

Developing digital content that imparts meaningful knowledge and skills to conduct business in real world is a difficult task. In case of traditional classroom training methods, you can always rely on the instructor or teacher to convey content in an engaging way, and ensure that learners are grasping it. But, when it comes to a digital training program, this responsibility falls solely on the way content is presented.

Impactful digital content calls for the combined application of instructional design principles, industry awareness, and technical know-how. Assembling and maintaining a diverse team that can tackle this complicated task, is an even bigger complicated task. That’s why you should consider outsourcing the development process to an experienced e-learning vendor. An e-learning vendor who has been in the game long enough obviously knows all the ropes of the business and can deliver a better output.

Outsourcing not only gives you the necessary expertise required to create a good e-learning program but also adds a lot of excitement to the process. Let’s see some of the most exciting reasons you should partner with an e-learning vendor to handle development:

1. Access to Latest Strategies

When you outsource your development process, you can move away from the usual to the innovative. A good e-learning vendor will definitely have some tricks up its sleeves. Meaning, they can come up with interesting ways to present and convey the information to your learners.

Be it creating games, scenarios, or interactivities, a good e-learning vendor can really add a new and exciting spin to your content. Do note that to make this happen, your internal team doesn’t have to take much effort apart from coordinating and approving things.

These are some of the factors Instructional Designers consider to make a course more interactive and engaging:

  • They keep the course relevant to learners. Nothing bores learners more than a course cramped with unnecessary information.
  • It is crisply designed, keeping in the mind the learning objectives, to retain learner interest throughout.
  • They use tried and tested educational technology and instructional design strategies to create a course that feels like learning from a real person.
  • They make extensive use of the strengths of the digital medium. Using captivating visuals, videos, voiceovers, graphics, and game-based content, they create a visually and aesthetically appealing course.
  • Something as simple as leaving the navigation control in the hands of learners can produce a lot of positive moments between the learner and the course.

2. Seamless Development Process

Developing an e-learning program is a science of many different subjects; hence the overall process can get complicated. If done in-house, you would need to do a lot of back and forth across various team-members and departments, not to mention the SMEs and stakeholders involved in the process.

But, an e-learning vendor has a streamlined development process in place, that makes the whole activity a breeze. You will just have to deal with a single person or team, to get complete control over the development process. No more confusion, no more unnecessary reworks, just pure learning.

A streamlined process will also have appropriate scope for you to provide feedback, early on.  This can help fine-tune the course without costly rework.

 3. Expert Insights on Content

Before you set out to create e-learning content, you should be fully aware of the various compliance and regulatory laws that apply to your industry. Be it HIPPA, OSHO, or GDPR, your training should be in complete sync with these standards to avoid problems.

An experienced e-learning vendor would have worked with many clients from your industry, thus giving them a complete knowledge on all the nitty-gritties that your courses should take care of. This ensures your training remains of the highest possible standards.

4. Hassle-Free Implementation

Creating an e-learning course is just half the job done. The other half consists of delivering the courses to the right audience at the right time. This responsibility falls on the Learning Management System.

A seasoned e-learning vendor will ensure they pick the right LMS for your requirements and deploy your courses accurately. Even the maintenance of the courses can be handed over to the developer. This way, they can regularly update your courses as per the changing face of your industry.

5. Translate and Localize Without Worries

English might be the business-language in this global world, but not everyone is comfortable learning through it. Therefore, for your e-learning courses to appeal to a geographical, linguistically, and culturally diverse audience, you need to ensure they are translated and localized as per the target country.

Which is another challenge in itself. A vendor, with e-learning development as its core business, can provide you with the necessary linguistic and foreign expertise to translate your courses for a global audience. This doesn’t mean just changing the language of the course, but also fine-tuning symbols, images, multimedia, and more as per the country.

If used in the right way, e-learning can prove to a strong catalyst for the success of your organization. Outsource the development process to the right vendor and reap its fullest benefits.

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