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Good Things come in Small Packages: Top 5 Microlearning Blogs of 2019

As the year ends, we start revisiting the resolutions we made… Whether it is for losing that extra weight or reading something that’s been on your list for a long time. Maybe, just maybe, your expectations won’t remain unfulfilled this year… Your year-long wait for a good read on microlearning has come to an end.

We have listed the top 5 blogs on microlearning to close your 2019 on a satisfying note. These blogs have the highest views, making them the perfect read to answer all your queries on bite-sized learning.

And here’s a Christmas gift – download this comprehensive guide on getting started with microlearning. Now treat yourself to the blogs…all yours!

2019’s Top 5 Blogs on Microlearning

1. A Handy Checklist for Implementing Microlearning in Your Organization

Before you implement microlearning, you need to have a clear idea of what the concept of bite-sized learning is all about. What is microlearning? Is it just chopping up a long eLearning course into smaller chunks?

If that’s what you think, you are one of many who feel that way… but you are wrong! Microlearning is more than just chunking training into smaller modules.

Microlearning is ‘micro’ –  each module deals with a single learning objective. Its duration may range from a few seconds to up to 10 minutes. Dealing with employees who keep postponing training because of work deliverables will no longer be a problem. Also, microlearning is the obvious solution if you want employees to improve information retention.

It doesn’t stop here…microlearning is short enough to be taken up as job-aids and may be used to improve work performance.

Delivering bite-sized courses is the need of the hour, and its implementation requires careful planning and strategizing.

This blog will provide you a deeper understanding of microlearning – what it is, how it can be implemented, and where it fits in your overall learning strategy.

2. Must-Have Microlearning Assets in Your eLibrary

Have you ever considered why microlearning is so appealing to learners? Is it the format of content presentation, its multimedia elements, or the eLearning design that make it such a successful learning strategy?

Undeniably, the answer is microlearning assets!

Microlearning assets are the different formats used to deliver small nuggets of learning digitally – they include videos, podcasts, simulations, infographics, games – the formats depend on training needs and course content.

These assets provide learners an opportunity to build their skills and experience at the click of a button. Information via these microlearning assets is easily accessible and captures learners’ attention. They are preferred by employees who are hard-pressed for time and the millennials, who want everything quick and small.

Read this blog to know the useful microlearning assets to be included in your online training kit.

 3. Bite-sized Learning and Social Learning: Double the Impact

Combining microlearning and social learning would imply using focused and short bursts of learning that happens frequently in a social learning setup.

Are you a little skeptical about this combination? Why not read a little more…

This blog give you all the reasons for why the combination of microlearning and social learning works brilliantly. From fostering interactions, facilitating continual learning, and making learning more personal, collaboration of micro and social learning can work so well.

Along with this, the blog will speak of the various bite-sized assets that can be used for social learning. Learn here to leverage the power of microlearning for extending the effectiveness of your social learning approach.

4. Microlearning and Nanolearning – Same or Different?

What exactly are microlearning and nanolearning? We find these terms often used interchangeably. Are they the same? Or are they different?

Apparently, they are similar in many ways, but at the same time, have subtle differences.

When you cut down your microlearning modules to even shorter training modules, it is nanolearning. It is about providing information in a shorter and more precise form than microlearning – without compromising on training quality, and is the optimal way to ensure adequate course completion rates.

To get the maximum out of these two training solutions, you need to know where nanolearning fits in your online training program.

Explore nanolearning and its significance in employee training in this blog.

5. Microlearning Assessments to Boost Employee Performance

To facilitate a performance-based learning experience, it is important to have performance-based assessments. Performance-based assessments (PBAs) are not focused on testing learners’ memorization skills after the course but on checking if they have acquired the required skills from the training program.

These assessments improve workplace performance by challenging learners to use their critical thinking skills and execute performance-based tasks. You might harness microlearning as an assessment strategy and the various ways it can help deliver PBAs.

As they are short, micro assessments are a good option for learners who are hard-pressed for time and find it difficult to dedicate time to training. Read this blog to know the various types of microlearning assessments and how each of them can transfer learning to job performance.

It’s Wrap Time

Crisp, short learning nuggets have a definite edge over other eLearning solutions because it can be very easily reused and repurposed due to its short length. The variety of assets available enables microlearning to have a rapid impact on employee performance and generate desired results.

It can be used in any part of training – pre-training, training, or post-training – for effective knowledge transfer. In addition to the benefits it offers your learners, microlearning also helps your organization because of its faster development time and reduced development costs.

If you want to try and introduce microlearning for your sales team, download the free ebook now – Microlearning – The Mega Advantage to Your On-the-Move Sales Team. It’s a great reference to equip your sales professionals with any time, anywhere knowledge.

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