Why Is Microlearning The Optimal Training Solution For Today’s Workforce?

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Why Is Microlearning The Optimal Training Solution For Today’s Workforce?

When was the last time you thought training your workforce was not an issue? Not in the recent past, you say? It can be now, thanks to a small dynamite that packs quite a punch – Microlearning. Read on how!

Training challenges faced by organizations

I know training your workforce, reinforcing training, ensuring learner engagement, and handling the reduced attention span are your major concerns. Training reinforcement is almost as essential as training since the training outcome can be enhanced only when it is reinforced. Even managing the short attention span of the Millennial workforce is a challenge as they can’t be trained at a stretch. They are constantly on the go and look for just-in-time training at their convenient time.So, getting your workforce’s time is nothing less than a challenge.

How Microlearning Supports Your Training Needs

Simply speaking, Microlearning is learning in small bites. It’s the hot favorite of most training managers and I’m sure by the time you go through this blog, it’s going to be yours too.

Reduces information overload on the learners

Anything that goes overboard is a cause for concern and the same applies to learning. The short Microlearning modules put an end to the lengthy traditional training courses. Each Microlearning module deals with a single learning objective, narrowing down the heavy content to tiny knowledge nuggets.These nuggets are easily graspable, thereby reducing information overload on the learners.

Facilitates spaced learning reinforcement

Training doesn’t end after the workforce is trained. In fact, it ends when the acquired knowledge is successfully reinforced. If learning is reinforced in spaced intervals, it’s effective. For instance, a classroom session on selling skills can be followed up with a brief Microlearning nugget on the same topic, the next week. A game or assessment activity can be lined up for the following week so that reinforcement continues. By the time the training impact of the first module is about to fade, the second bite of knowledge is offered, which reinforces learning.

Offers memorable learning experiences

Your workforce gets a memorable learning experience as these brief training modules help them develop their skills to execute their job responsibilities better. They have the flexibility of taking the learning at their own pace from the device and location of their choice. This will motivate them to take up some more Microlearning courses to enhance their skill set.

Provides faster and focused learning

Microlearning offers fast and focused learning to learners. Its bite-sized modules, that are as short as 5 to 10 minutes, are ideal to deliver content. Moreover, these courses can be accessed on mobile devices and that’s a boon to the Gen Y workforce, who spend an average of 5 hours a day browsing and using apps on their mobiles.The learning pace is high, considering the shortness of the modules and also focused due to addressing a sole learning objective.

Microlearning can be a boon to train your workforce as its benefits are aplenty. A buddy in training reinforcement, it can undoubtedly be your training partner too.

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