eLearning Champion, How Do You Use eLearning? [Infographic]

eLearning has become a major player in corporate L&D, especially after a year of social distancing. But are you ready to implement it in your training strategy? Are you ready to be an eLearning champion? Let’s find out.

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eLearning Champions and the Usage of eLearning

Corporate training has evolved over the years with eLearning becoming the mainstay, thanks to its many advantages and recent disruptions to classroom training caused by the pandemic. In fact, according to the 2021 Workplace Learning Report by LinkedIn Learning, 79% of L&D professionals expect to invest more in online learning. And there is a new tribe that’s creating a buzz – eLearning Champions.

Who is an eLearning Champion? They love learning, technology, and using the latter to boost the former. They view learning as a journey – not a one-time event – and believe in offering continual learning opportunities. They believe that learning is most impactful when it is engaging and enjoyable. And most importantly, they understand that the best learning approach depends entirely on the unique training requirements of their organization.

Explore how eLearning Champions integrate eLearning in their training strategy.

An eLearning champion can be a real gamechanger in corporate training now and an impact-maker in the organization. One only needs understand the essence of learning and enjoy the task of being the driving force for employee skill improvement.

Want to know what else is part of the job description of an eLearning champion? Take a good look at this infographic.

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eLearning Champions and the Usage of eLearning

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Become an eLearning Champion: A Practical Guide for E-learning Implementation
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