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6 Key Considerations for Custom eLearning Tools [Infographic]

In today's fast-paced world, continuous learning and development are essential for personal as well as professional growth. To ensure this, custom eLearning has taken the corporate training industry by storm. It focuses on creating tailored learning solutions that cater to the unique needs of organizations and learners. And in all this process, custom eLearning tools are at the forefront of making the custom eLearning approach a success. They enable instructional designers to create interactive, engaging, and efficient training courses that foster better learning experiences.

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In this blog, we will first take a look at the 6 key considerations to keep in mind while selecting custom eLearning tools and then check out the top 5 custom eLearning tools. It will provide you with a holistic understanding of the features and simplify the search process by enlisting the best tools for you.

So let’s start!

6 Key Considerations for Custom eLearning Tools

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6 Key Considerations for Custom eLearning Tools

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Top 4 Custom eLearning Tools

Let's take a closer look at the top five custom eLearning tools that are sure to augment the designing as well as learning experiences.

Articulate Storyline

When it comes to designing and developing custom eLearning courses, Articulate Storyline stands out as one of the best tools available. Its user-friendly interface and extensive set of features make it a top choice for creating interactive and multimedia-rich training content. You can add videos, audio, animations, etc., to the courses to boost learner engagement. Moreover, you can also publish content in various formats, including SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can API, making it compatible with a wide range of learning management systems (LMS).

Adobe Captivate

With a strong focus on interactivity, Adobe Captivate is one of the premier custom eLearning tools. It allows instructional designers to create responsive and mobile-friendly courses. That’s not all. It also supports the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) elements which make it a great choice for designing innovative, immersive eLearning solutions.

Articulate Rise

Articulate Rise is a cloud-based authoring tool that simplifies custom eLearning course creation. It streamlines the course creation process, thereby promoting ease and efficiency in the designing process. With that said, it also excels in ensuring responsive design and mobile-friendly content to promote continuous learning among employees. Furthermore, Articulate Rise facilitates a seamless collaborative environment for teams to work together on eLearning projects efficiently and deliver high-impact courses.

iSpring Suite

PowerPoint presentations are not a preferred mode of training but having a tool that enables seamless integration is an advantage. This is where iSpring Suite comes to light among the top custom eLearning tools. It allows hassle-free integration with PowerPoint. Moreover, it provides various noteworthy features such as simulations, quizzes, and interactions.

In The End!

Custom eLearning has certainly changed the way corporate training is conducted and custom eLearning tools have transformed the way training courses are designed and developed. From interactivity to content library to publishing options, each tool has something that sets it apart from the others.

Now you know the factors to keep in mind while deciding on the custom eLearning tool. Not only that, but you also have a fair idea about the features of some top custom eLearning tools to begin with. So what are you waiting for? Start customizing your eLearning courses today! And make sure to check out the best instructional design strategies given in our eBook below.

Instructional Design Strategies to Design Engaging eLearning Courses