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3 eLearning Lessons Learnt From Black Friday Sales

Celebrated on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday marks the start of Christmas Shopping and sales tend to soar during the holiday. And the sales season keeps getting bigger with time. And the growing scale of the holiday brings with it a number of lessons, some of which can be borrowed by the eLearning industry.

Are you wondering how the lessons learnt from Black Friday Sales are applicable to eLearning? Well, this blog takes you through it. Here are the top 3 eLearning lessons learnt from Black Friday Sales.

eLearning Lessons Learnt from Black Friday Sales

1. Keep Your Content Focused and Crisp

“Black Friday Sales”, “Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales”, “Black Friday Deal”

Simple yet very straightforward headlines, right? and, these are also very impactful as they draw immediate attention from shopping enthusiasts! The same can be applied to eLearning as well! eLearning developers… are you listening? Consider the diminishing attention spans and the busy schedules of your employees, and keep your course content simple, crisp and to the point. Microlearning and Just-in-Time learning (JIT) modules are a great way to do so.

Apart from this, you should also include an outline of what the course/ chapter conveys at the beginning of the chapter. Pick one topic at a time and do not deviate from it. At the same time, try to cut down distractions as much as you can.

2. Make Sure That Your Technology is Strong

There is an increase in the number of Black Friday sales happening online. Online shopping is more convenient for customers as they can shop from the comfort of their homes. However, the eCommerce websites that serve as the medium to facilitate e-shopping tend to fail (downtime) when handling heavy traffic. This has a negative impact on the customer’s journey.

If we draw parallels, Learning Management System (LMS) – that hosts eLearning courses – facing downtimes could demotivate the learners and may cause them to leave the training session midway. This could result in a negative ROI from the eLearning effort. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you will have to ensure that your technology is strong.

But remember that technology is not just about the downtime of the website/ software. You can also use technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make the eLearning experience immersive and interactive.

3. Ensure That Your Audience is Engaged Throughout

Let me start by asking you a basic question… how do Black Friday sales get so much attention from the target audience? The answer is simple! Brands come up with engaging ads that grab the customers’ attention!

Now, I urge you to take a cue from this tactic and think… how can you draw the attention of your employees towards your corporate eLearning initiatives? By making the learning experience more engaging! You could use gamification, visual elements, animations and add interactivities to make your eLearning experience more engaging to the learner.

Making your eLearning course more engaging is a great way to get your employees focused on what they are being trained on. And when the employees are engaged, there is greater scope for them to retain and apply their learning. It also has a positive impact on course completion.

Wrapping Up

Black Friday is a holiday that marks joy, merriment, and abundance of hope! And along with all this, the sales day also gives us some invaluable lessons. Learn and apply them to thrive.

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