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Why Custom E-Learning is Ideal Over Catalog Courses for Compliance Training

Compliance training is very important in organizations. But employees find it difficult to attend these training sessions due to their tight schedules. E-learning works well for such situations because the time to complete an online course is pre-defined and does not exceed unlike classroom sessions. Learners can access the training according to their schedules anytime, anywhere, and on any device – without compromising on their deliverables.

There are two types of online courses – catalog and custom-built. Catalog courses are often less expensive and more convenient. But this might not be true in the case of compliance training. For example, they do not address all your compliance training needs and make the training program ineffective. So, how can you ensure your training programs address all your compliance training needs? Simple, with custom e-learning. Wondering why custom e-learning over online catalog courses for compliance training? Keep reading.

Can be tailored to your business processes

Compliance training programs need to enable your staff to execute your business processes, in accordance with the prescribed norms. And, it is well-known that the business processes of no two organizations are the same. For instance, different companies in the USA use different methods of depreciation such as the straight line method, the declining balance method, and so on. A generic, off-the-shelf online compliance course doesn’t reflect your unique business processes, and therefore cannot deliver effective training. Similarly, effective Health and Safety (H&S) training cannot be delivered through catalog courses. Different companies follow different industrial processes and an off-the-shelf course cannot meet the H&S training requirements derived from these processes.

Can provide specific content

We all know companies need to train their people on their code of conduct. And, no two companies follow the same code of conduct. Off-the-shelf courses cannot be used to deliver good training on code of conduct, as they are designed considering the broad needs of the industry and do not reflect the provisions of the code of conduct unique to your organization.

No licensing costs

Compliance training has to be delivered at regular intervals. If you use catalog courses, you need to pay licensing fees each time you deliver the training, and this can burn a hole in your pocket. Furthermore, you have no access to the source files of the course. So, if changes are made to the applicable norms, those changes cannot be reflected and you have to go back to the vendor for this purpose – the vendor may or may not oblige.

Custom-built e-learning courses eliminate these problems. You are the owner of a custom-built online course; you can use it as many times as you want and update it according to your needs.

It’s advisable to go in for custom-built online courses to deliver compliance training because they can be tailored to meet your unique needs. They eliminate the need for licensing costs which makes the delivery of compliance training at regular intervals cost-effective. You can update the content of these courses in a hassle-free manner, whenever there are changes in the relevant statutes and norms. Hope you liked this post. Do share your views.

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