10 Steps to Convert Legacy Courses to HTML 5 [Infographic]

Here is an infographic that list some steps to convert legacy e-learning courses to HTML5.

Published on Updated on September 16 2021

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10 Steps to Convert Legacy Courses to HTML 5 [Infographic]

With the rapid growth in technology, nearly 80% Internet users are accessing the Internet from their mobile devices. So, many organizations are looking to adapt mobile learning for their training. But, can existing eLearning courses, developed using Flash and legacy authoring tools, run on these devices?

No, many of these courses may not run on mobile devices as Flash-based courses are not supported by iOS versions. As a result, these courses end up having limited takers. Then, what can be done in such cases?

No worries! You can make existing courses compatible with mobile devices by converting them into HTML5. But, how to convert existing courses into HTML5? Well, it can be done by following a few simple steps.

To know the steps of converting existing e-learning courses to HTML5, please check out the infographic below.

10 Steps to Convert Legacy Courses to HTML 5 [Infographic]

Flash to HTML5 E-learning Conversion: The 4 `R's That Matter
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