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Virtaal Tool – Does it Make eLearning Translations Easy?

When translating an eLearning course using Rise 360, you can encounter issues such as your document not being imported, or it is found to be incomplete. Consequently, you’ll need an application to add the missing information into your translated document (.XLF or .XLIFF). eLearning course developers can use Virtaal while working on a translated document (.XLF or .XLIFF) with the Rise 360 authoring tool. You can use this tool to open. XLF or .XLIFF files and easily deal with your course’s translated content.

What is The Purpose of eLearning Course Translation?

We need to localize an eLearning course so that we can effectively train learners in their own language. It’s considerably easier to translate a course designed in English into another language than it is to send a translator alongside a training facilitator. Translated eLearning courses navigates the range of cultures and languages within your organization affording each employee the ability to complete their course.

What Are the Advantages of Translating an eLearning Course?

The world seems to be getting smaller all the time. A case in point, when you have employees from the same company working in different locations around the world, you may find that your employee training courses need to be translated into several different languages to cater to your global workforce. By ensuring that your eLearning material is translated and ready to go, you can:
  • Ensure that your training content is required by your employees around the world.
  • Improve the accuracy of your content without relying on an in-person instructor or translator.
  • Gain respect in your industry by marketing yourself as a provider of inclusive employee training programs.

Unraveling Rapid eLearning for Instructional Designers

Virtaal Characteristics

Virtaal contains a wealth of capabilities for both beginners as well as for advanced users.

Ideal For Beginners

  • Virtaal is ideal for beginners because:
  • It is simple and intuitive.
  • It highlights with colors.
  • It checks for quality.
  • It displays comments from programmers and translators.
  • It can be used to search the web for a specific text.
  • It has a “Help” menu with a tutorial and a guide.

Virtaal Provides a Productive Environment

Virtaal increases your productivity.
  • It comes with quick and simple navigation
  • It provides auto-correction
  • It offers auto-completion
  • It enables automatic detection of the cursor’s initial position
  • It copies the source string to the target string following the punctuation rules of your language
  • It highlights and copies placeable from the original text
  • It quickly assesses content that is untranslated or unclear

VIRTAAL is a Multi-format Translator:

Virtaal is a translation tool that is jam-packed with valuable features that allow you to focus on your translation work rather than the tool.

Effortless Yet Effective:

Powerful options are available with Virtaal to assist you with your translating tasks. Also, you are presented with these options on a clearly defined user interface.

One Interface, Multiple Formats:

The Virtaal Translate Toolkit provides you with a standard user interface for a variety of formats including XLIFF and PO.

When You Need Something, You Can Get it:

You can view everything you need for the current translating task, everything else is concealed to keep you focused and prioritize the task at hand.

Wrapping Up

Let’s get started translating your eLearning courses designed on Rise 360 with the help of Virtaal. The Virtaal translation tool encourages you to use Articulate Rise 360 to translate your courses for all your eLearning initiatives. Localization is intrinsically tied to translation. While one oversees context and culture, the other governs language; and why should they not? Language and culture are, after all, inextricably linked. Download our free eBook – “eLearning translations – 7 FAQs answered” if you want to learn more about eLearning translations and receive answers to your questions. Get it now!

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