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Discover the New Features of Vyond

Vyond Studio is an online animation program that is used to create media ranging from GIFs to films and beyond. Vyond allows you to make animated videos for your organization using elements, materials, and characters that range in the thousands catering to a variety of industries. Storytelling through the medium of videos is considered to be an exceptional method to connect and engage with your audience.

There is no limit to the amount as well as the type of stories you can convey with videos created on Vyond. Vyond allows everyone, regardless of video-making skills, to express themselves in a powerful way. It’s a flexible platform that helps everyone in an organization communicate internally and externally from marketers to training professionals to customer success teams.

Vyond videos are especially successful for remote workers and learners because they boost message delivery and enhance retention even though there is no face-to-face interaction.

A few of the new features of Vyond include keyboard shortcuts, revamped sidebar, and hand motions.

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New Features of Vyond 

Asset Lock

A much-requested feature is now available. Namely asset locking to the stage! Select the assets you want to lock to the stage. Right-click to bring up the menu, where you’ll find the Lock option. Alternatively, you can use keyboard shortcuts to unlock assets. When you have a lot of objects on the stage during video creation, this function makes things a lot easier.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Lock – Control + L

Unlock – Control + L

Unlock all – Shift + Control + L

Expandable Folders

You really need a space for large teams to collaborate. Vyond has shared spaces where you can add recordings to provide access to individuals on a Vyond for Enterprise account.

Drag and drop is one of the sidebar panel’s extra capabilities. Folders in the sidebar can be enlarged and collapsed, and numerous objects can be added to your videos. You might ask how can I drag and drop? You can arrange your videos in this manner.

  • In folders of the video listing page
  • In folders on the left sidebar that can be expanded
  • During the breadcrumb navigation

Enterprise Shared Spaces

You’ll need a lot of space for huge groups to work together. Vyond has created shared places where you can save recordings and envelopes for ease of access by all users of the Vyond for Enterprise account.

Shared Spaces for Businesses

You’ll need a lot of space for large groups to function together. They’ve set up shared folders where you can save recordings and envelopes for ease of access for all users of the Vyond for Enterprise account.

Features of Shared Space

  • Vyond is great for onboarding new people because you can record and format invitations.
  • Vyond helps you easily build shared spaces and invite all Vyond users in your organization.
  • There’s no need to rearrange videos when someone leaves because they can all be kept in the shared space.
  • Account owners can view all shared spaces in the settings tab. This feature will be added in the near future.

Hand Gestures

This feature adds a variety of color-adaptable hand movements, allowing you to swipe, point, pinch, and poke to your heart’s content.

The following is a list of new additions:

  • 4 stock characters from the martial arts
  • Lengthened Kaffiyeh items of the Character Creator
  • 120 props and business-friendly hand gestures including writing gestures and palms up

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To Sum Up

Vyond makes it simple to use videos to communicate your stories. It is an online animation software that enables your organization to make excellent animated videos quickly and effortlessly. Vyond’s features help you in creating captivating videos that range from data visualizations to character-driven stories to captivate your audience and deliver results. When you have a lot of objects on the stage during video creation, this software makes things a lot easier. In a Vyond for Enterprise account, shared spaces offer different Vyond members ease of access. Vyond comes with a variety of color-adaptable hand movements. You might find these capabilities useful when developing fascinating animations.

Videos are one of the most popular learning assets. Microlearning assets are one among them. Vyond can help you create short microlearning videos. However, microlearning is not limited to videos and it is more than just different bits of knowledge processed into small bite-sized courses. ‘Where Does Microlearning Fit in Your Learning Strategy?’ is an eBook that you can read to explore more about what microlearning is and what it isn’t as well as its key benefits. Download the eBook to learn more.

This blog is co-authored by Pratyusha Marreddy.

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