Rapid eLearning – Why You Can’t Ignore It?

Accomplish more with less - this is what rapid eLearning is here to say and prove, let’s look at why you cat’t ignore rapid eleaning for your organization.

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Rapid eLearning - Why You Can’t Ignore It?

Accomplish more with less – this is what rapid eLearning is here to say and prove. As we discussed in the last blog, rapid eLearning allows you to use your resources effectively. This way, you can quickly and cost effectively produce eLearning courses. For someone who is highly stressed for time and wants to effectively balance timelines and budget, rapid eLearning supported by rapid authoring tools is the answer.

Here’s an overview of the key advantages.


Projects are faster to produce to a larger number of audiences requiring minimal resources. To be precise, rapid eLearning is a perfect way to keep your employees, especially the sales personnel, quickly updated on new policies and new products. This is because rapid eLearning rapid eLearning squeezes instructional design and development phases using rapid authoring tools helping the organization reduce the development time and cutting down the cost and production time. The findings of Forrester on behalf of Adobe lends support to my claims that about 58% of the learning professionals opined that the growing need to develop content quickly is a key driver for the adoption of Rapid eLearning. About 66% have voted that the ability to update content easily is one of the greatest benefits of Rapid eLearning.


As we discussed about the speed, rapid eLearning supported by rapid authoring tool allows you to leverage on existing training material. Reusing media content can lead to substantial savings. In addition to this, these tools have inbuilt templates – characters that helps you meet time constraints and keeps costs down. With these tools, you can have control over the graphical user interphase, look and feel of the course, audio and video as these tools can allow you some level of customization; hence the richness of the course can also be enhanced.

Ease of Use

We use rapid authoring tools like Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpring, Lectora to produce eLearning. These tools are easy to use and do not demand any programming knowledge. You can change the structure of the course by simply cutting, copying and pasting content. Hence, the courses can be kept up-to-date and relevant.

These Authoring tools are packed with instructionally rich templates, characters, real images; they help you in creating slides with rich text, media and also help in building assessments quickly. You can also customize templates and tools like Articulate Storyline allows you to customize the GUI to your requirement.

For these reasons, rapid e-learning is being preferred by many organizations.

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Rapid eLearning - Why You Can’t Ignore It?
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