A Quick and Cost Effective Solution to Host E-learning Modules

A Quick and Cost Effective Solution to Host E-learning Modules

Are you a training manager? Do you want to initiate eLearning in your company? Or, are you a trainer who wants to host the courses online to reach global audiences? If you have a very limited budget and a few eLearning modules to host as a pilot to see if it works for you or not. Later, you may scale it up if it is successful. It may be difficult to go with a proprietary or commercial Learning Management System (LMS), just to host a couple of modules. It is ideal use a scalable and cost-effective LMS that can be set up quickly.

Some of our customers had similar requirements. They wanted us to develop and host some special courses and give access to their distributors across the world. Because of IT security policies, they could not provide access to their existing commercial LMS installed on their local network. So, we advised them to use an open source Learning management system called Moodle, which could be setup quickly and is very cost effective. To set up an LMS, you may require a server. You can go with your existing server or a new server. Or, You may opt to use a shared server with the LMS vendor. As it was a project with limited budget, we installed the open source LMS with minimal customizations on our server.

Moodle is a robust and highly scalable Learning Management System (LMS),, and it has all the required features built into it. So, we modified only the look and feel of the LMS to match with the client’s website design. It took us only two days to setup and upload the courses on to the LMS. Users’ creation also didn’t took much time as we have asked our customer to provide all the user details in Excel sheet and we just imported the sheet and 1000s of users got created in minutes.

Later, using the LMS notification feature, we sent an LMS introduction e-mail to all users. In this e-mail, we explained about the new initiative and provided the required details to access the LMS.

After running this pilot LMS for a few months, our customer wanted to scale it up. Our customer is happy with the quick setup and never faced any issues with users. They are now planning to add more courses and users to the LMS.

If you too wish to try online learning and training solutions, then you may try an open source Learning Management System (LMS),. You can then decide to continue with the open-source LMS or use a commercial LMS.

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