Flash-like E-learning Capabilities of Articulate Storyline: A Demonstration

Why Use Articulate Storyline to Update & Upgrade Your Existing Courses

Flash-like E-learning Capabilities  of Articulate Storyline: A Demonstration

For years, Adobe Flash was the uncrowned king of the e-learning world. This powerful authoring tool demonstrated a high degree of flexibility in terms of creating online learning interactions – you could incorporate a wide variety of web-based learning interactivities, ranging from simple click-on-tabs to complex branching scenarios. It seemed that the reign of Flash would never end.

Despite its capabilities, Adobe Flash has a major limitation – online course developers needed to develop learning interactions from scratch, and this took several weeks, if not more. This made the authoring application unsuitable to meet the technology-enabled learning development requirements of today’s organizations that need to develop web-based courses rapidly, to meet their dynamic learning needs. Moreover, Flash is incompatible with most mobile devices, which are used widely to deliver training. A new e-learning course authoring tool was needed, one that could overcome the shortcomings of Flash, yet demonstrateits power.

The web-based learning development community soon found the answer – Articulate Storyline, a simple tool that exhibited capabilities to develop Flash-like web-based learning interactions. Storyline, unlike Flash, comes with in-built templates that allow online course developers to create interactivities rapidly, with minimum effort. Furthermore, the output of Storyline is mobile-friendly. Storyline also comes with a highly intuitive, PowerPoint-like interface, lowering its learning curve considerably.

Here is a comparison of Articulate Storyline’s capabilities to develop Flash-like online learning interactions.

InteractionAdobe FlashArticulate Storyline
Flip Cards
Flip Book
Single Select
Drop Down
Drag & Drop

We thus see that Articulate Storyline exhibits Flash-like web-based learning development capabilities. Indeed, it is a very useful tool to create interactive, engaging e-learning courses. Isn’t it?

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