Developing Flash Like Complex Interactivities with Articulate Storyline

Developing Flash Like Complex Interactivities with Articulate Storyline

Earlier, Flash was the major tool used to develop eLearning courses, with complex interactivities including rich animations and graphics. However, development time is the concern as it would take about 3 to 6 months to develop a course. With the advent of rapid authoring tools, the time taken to develop eLearning courses decreased by many folds.

Even the high level interactivities are also possible in tools like Articulate Storyline. Let’s see how you can develop some complex flash like interactivities using this tool.

Re-creating Flash Like Interactivity in Articulate Storyline:

One of our important clients wanted to convert the Drag-and-Drop interactivity, which was earlier developed in Flash. According to their requirement, the user should be able to drop four objects in a box. When the user drags and drops the first object into the box, it will open and likewise, he should be able to drag and drop other objects. The box will close only when all the four objects are dropped into it.

Here are some screenshots that we have created the customized drag and drop:

Customization at the initial state

Customization while dropping object1

Customization while dropping object2

Customization while dropping object3

Customization after dropping all objects

Our solution:

The solution made for this interactivity is by using the variables and states of the box. First, we take two states for the box (normal, open). When a user drags anyone of the objects into the box, then we changed the box into open state and if the user drops all the objects in to the box then the box should come back to normal state again. By using this functionality this interactivity works fine and looks rich just as it would in Flash.

Thus, Articulate Storyline offers all kinds of opportunities for customization and you are not limited to the default interactions. You can also create complex assessments and many more interactivities just like you would do using Flash using the interesting features in Articulate Storyline in less time.

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