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Create Flash-like Interactivities Using Storyline

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Create Flash-like Interactivities Using Storyline

Create Flash-like Interactivities Using Storyline

Effective interactivities are the heart of a good e-learning course. They can be used not only to assess the learner efficiently, but also to reinforce the learning. They may be in the form of click-on-tab/images/numbers, slide shows, FAQs, etc. When these questions are gamified, they can be more effective in engaging the learner.

Many organizations approach us to create eLearning courses with excellent interactivities. Flash is the ideal tool to create stunning animations and top-notch interactivities. However, it takes time to create highly interactive eLearning courses using the Adobe Flash tool. But, using Articulate Storyline, we can create many Flash-like effects in quick time.

We have developed a few interactivities in both Flash and Storyline. Let us see how they compare.

Comparison of the effects developed using Flash and Storyline

Types of interactivities Flash Storyline




Flip Cards

Flip Book



Single Select

Drop Down

Drag & Drop

These interactivities were created with Storyline using triggers, slide-layers, variables and states, in quick time. Little coding skills are needed to use this rapid authoring tool. Articulate Storyline thus helps develop highly engaging e-learning courses that meet your learning needs very effectively. What do you think?

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