Flash-less Corporate Training World: 4 Undeniable Benefits [SlideShare]


It’s now an open secret – Adobe will stop supporting the Flash player by the end of 2020 and no matter how much we shy away from Flash eLearning to HTML5 conversion, it’s high time we take the plunge! But, what will corporate training look like post Flash? Find out here!

Flash eLearning to HTML5 Conversions: 4 Benefits Post Phase-out

“We’ve started using eLearning in our organization just 3 years back. Do we still need to convert our Flash eLearning courses to HTML5?”

Well, even if your online training offerings were developed in the recent past, there is a possibility that the courses might have been published in dual formats – Flash and HTML5. Even after the availability of rapid authoring tools that offered only HTML5 output, organizations went ahead with using the Flash tool to incorporate highly-interactive animations, videos and graphics in their eLearning courses – an aspect that gained Flash the most popularity.  However, having such courses essentially means that your learners will still face inconvenience while opening them on their mobile devices – smartphones and tablets.

Revive your Flash-based training offerings with our time-tested Flash to HTML5 techniques!

Hence, why jeopardize learner engagement (and more so training objectives) when all you have to do is convert the Flash-based assets to HTML5! While it might seem like a mammoth task, the benefits of Flash to HTML5 conversion are too good to be ignored. Not only can you salvage your existing Flash-based courses or assets, you can also future-proof them by converting them to HTML5 – a standard adopted by the World Wide Web (www) and used by major browsers and operating systems.

If you’re finding it hard to envision a world post Flash phase-out 2020, here’s a Slideshare that will certainly help! Find out 4 amazing benefits after you convert Flash eLearning to HTML5.

That is not all, in case you’re confused about how to go about Flash eLearning to HTML5 conversion, grab a copy of our free eBook below. Discover our tried and tested 4 ‘R’ strategies to convert any Flash-based training offerings to HTML5 – with or without source files!

Flash to HTML5 E-learning Conversion: The 4 `R's That Matter

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