9 Enhanced and Key Features of Adobe Captivate 2017

9 Enhanced and Key Features of Adobe Captivate 2017

9 Enhanced and Key Features of Adobe Captivate 2017

Companies offering e-learning authoring tools are now competing with each other to ensure they are well adapted to work in a multi-device world. Authoring tools reduce course development time by rapid features that meet the growing training demands of corporations.

To swim with the current and stay ahead, Adobe has come up with its latest version of ‘Captivate 2017 Release’, loaded with responsive design, HTML5 output, Typekit integration, and a lot more. This blog is confined to the enhanced and key features in the latest version. So, have a look at them.

1. Responsive Themes

In its latest version, Captivate has enhanced themes with Fluid Boxes to render responsive content for multiple devices. Not only that, they have been made visually appealing with a blend of backgrounds, fonts, styles, and layouts. You can customize themes to meet your exact requirements. You have also the facility to save and reuse them for future projects.

2. Responsive Motion Effects

It’s difficult to create responsive motion effects without programming. However, in the latest version of Captivate, this is possible by creating fluid object transitions, including rotations and motion paths. Now you can add motion effects to a group of objects and individual objects too.

You have complete control on objects movements such as Linear, Custom, or Scribble motion paths. You can also preview motion effect animations before publishing the course. You can deliver a better responsive learning experience by adding different effects for various devices.

3. Shared Advanced Actions

Advanced options facilitate conditional/multiple actions in interactivities across courses. Advanced Actions are apt for reuse in similar conditions within an eLearning project or across various projects. For example, an advanced action ‘to show or hide’ objects can be saved as a template and reused in click-reveal situations or in memory games.

You will be able to create shared action templates to use in various projects. Now, these actions are available with variable parameterization. Advanced actions in the latest version also help you create looping algorithms.

4. Top-notch Screen Captures

High-quality software simulations in multiple learning modes in a single recording session is possible with the screen capture feature. You can capture all on-screen actions, cursor movements, system audio and keyboard activities. You can also create a single responsive screen capture project that works for all devices.

The latest version of Captivate detects the screen activity in the recording window and automatically zooms to those areas to create screen capture output for iPad, tablet and smartphone views.

5. Adobe Captivate Draft

Captivate Draft is a free storyboarding application now available only for iPad on the Apple iOS App Store. Developers can create eLearning content, question slides, branched-learning scenarios and shape the ideas into interaction-rich courses. This app also allows you to share storyboards for real-time review on the cloud. More than one reviewer can review the storyboard simultaneously.

6. Asset Store

A library of 75,000+ free eLearning assets library helps present your thoughts and ideas of instruction effectively. Your developers can choose from thousands of royalty-free images, people cutouts, interactivities, themes, game templates, scenarios, and more.

7. Multistate Objects

Multistate objects help learners interact with various objects in the courses. They also help learners identify objects they’ve already interacted with. This improves learner retention. Triggering in-built or custom states in the latest version of Captivate makes complex workflows possible. You can easily edit States using the timeline.

8. Publish to Captivate Prime and other LMSs

You can publish the eLearning courses to Adobe Captivate Prime LMS or any other Learning Management Systems (LMSs) with a few clicks. This helps you to deliver courses to your learners in a smart learning environment.

9. Comprehensive Quizzing

Quiz and assessment feature in the latest version allows you to evaluate learners with knowledge check questions, matching, dropdown menu, short answer questions, multiple choice questions (MCQs), fill-in-the-blanks, and more. Refresher/reinforcement workflows are incorporated to help learners revisit the relevant section when they answer quiz questions incorrectly.

There are a lot of other features in Captivate 2017, such as importing PowerPoint slides, easy access to other Adobe products (Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, and more), accessibility support, text-to-speech, etc. So, leverage the power-packed Captivate 2017 to create interactive and engaging eLearning for your learners.

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