Best Authoring Tools for Rapid eLearning Development

Best Authoring Tools for Rapid eLearning Development

Being a Research Analyst in Authoring Tools, I thought it would be a great idea bringing to you the best authoring tools that are used in the eLearning industry. Before we get to the list, let’s acknowledge the best authoring tools and their purpose. Authoring tools are eLearning course development tools, which enable the user to integrate different learning objectives for functional and visual appeal. Authoring tools help reuse existing learning objectives in a new course and also help reduce the cost in the long run.

Let’s now look at the list of top Authoring tools in the eLearning industry.

  • Adobe Captivate
  • Articulate
  • Adobe Flash
  • Lectora
  • Adobe Presenter
  • TechSmith Camtasia
  • Harbinger Raptivity

In this blog, I will touch upon the first four tools used in eLearning and the time taken for developing a one hour eLearning course for each one of them.

1) Adobe Captivate:

Captivate is one of the most popular tools for developing Software Simulations in eLearning. You can develop quizzes quickly using inbuilt template tools. It has customizable widgets and you can add action to objects.

adobe captivate

Development time for one Hour course/ 1 Resource

It takes about 25 hours for the creation of a 1 hour software simulation course. Course duration may vary if you want to make a highly interactive course.

2) Articulate:

Articulate is ideal for rapid eLearning, quick assessments, and quick briefings. You can easily convert PowerPoint presentations into online course modules very quickly. This tool is ideal for those who are new to eLearning.


Development time per one Hour course/ 1 Resource

Development time for a 1 hour course in Articulate is about 25 hours.

3) Adobe Flash:

Highly interactive and engaging courses can be developed using Adobe Flash. Flash is ideal for all kinds of training, including product and process training, soft skill training and even software simulations.

Adobe Flash

Development time for one Hour course/ 1 Resource

For developing a 1 hour course in flash takes about 55-60 hours. Development time is usually high as there are no pre built templates in Flash and it requires a specific skills set in programming to develop the 1 hour course.

4) Lectora:

You can use Lectora for developing HTML based courses quickly and it is ideal for multilingual courses. Lectora is best suited for courses that need to be delivered on iphone and ipad.


Development time for one hour course/ 1 Resource

For the development of a one hour of course in Lectora, it takes about 15-20 hours.


Selection of your authoring tools should be based on your proposed use. You can use one of the above tools based on your eLearning requirements; however, you can also use two or three tools together if your instructional needs so demand. The choice of tools should ideally be based on your content types, available skills set, devices on which it has to be deployed, the budget and timelines.

How to Select the Right Rapid Authoring Tool
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