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How to Convince Top Management to Implement Educational Technology

Skill development is a very big reason for companies to continuously invest in training programs. But, as work culture becomes increasingly remote and need for new skills come up almost immediately, instructor-led trainings alone cannot fulfill your requirements. Gathering all employees under one roof, at one time for classroom training can become very difficult. If some employees miss the classroom sessions, then they do not have a concrete means to make up for the lost opportunity. Classroom trainings also lack dynamic assessment and feedback techniques, which would be valuable in constantly improving and updating the training material. Training a workforce spread over a wide geography becomes a big challenge when you use traditional modes of training.

Educational technology can be a boon in such situations, but convincing top management to adapt to changing times can be challenging. In a perfect world, the top management of every company should implement the latest educational technology to increase profitability and stay relevant in the changing times.

E-learning, blended learning and mobile learning are all parts of educational technology. They integrate educational principles with the interactivity of the digital medium, creating learning material that today’s millennial workforce is comfortable using. Below are some of the advantages of implementing latest educational technology that you can highlight to convince your top management:

Makes Learning Easy

Why waste considerable amounts of time and effort to convey complicated topics to your learners? Convince management to integrate technology in your learning program as you can use interactive and attractive visual elements such as videos, infographics, and animations to easily convey complex topics. Not only learning becomes more easy, but it also more engaging, resulting in higher knowledge retention.

Reach a Wider Audience

All forms of digital teaching give learners the advantage of learning anywhere and at any time. Once a course is assigned, rest assured the learner will undertake it. Get top bosses onboard with digital learning and allow employees to learn at their own pace and comfort, while creating a positive attitude toward training. You can even give offshore employees the benefits of the digital learning program. Employees from all geographical areas can benefit from excellent digital material as courses can be easily translated and localized according to the target audience.

Deliver Up-To-Date Content, Always

One of the biggest advantages of implementing educational technology in your company’s learning is the ability to seamlessly manage all learning content. Using a centralized LMS, you can deliver new courses or newer versions of existing courses to the entire audience almost instantly. If you are using mobile learning, then employees can get instant bits of useful information through push notifications of a smartphone. Assure that the entire workforce is completely in sync with the fast changing times of the industry by pushing upper management to integrate latest technology in the learning program.

Increases Profitability

This can be an ace up your sleeve while trying to change the mindset of the top management. Increased knowledge transfer translates to enhanced employee skills. Skilled employees are always more proficient in achieving their goals and targets. This means the profit graph of your company is only going to go up. Skilled employees are also happier at doing their jobs, which increases employee loyalty. A decreased attrition rate means that top management can take their attention off the ‘hiring and firing’ process and focus on the core business.

Despite these benefits, the top management of many organizations are still reluctant to adopt educational technology. Age-old beliefs, a blind affinity to traditional learning methods and unwillingness to spend on new learning programs still prevent the inception of digital training in companies. Young learning managers should take up the mantle and convince top management to initiate a change. Use real-life data and testimonies to show them the practical feasibility of this powerful medium. Start small with a single module and let results do the talking. Gradually top management will realize the full potential of educational technology and embrace it with open arms.

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