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5 Happening Trends in Mobile Learning

Paul is the product training manager of a large consumer electronics company. Recently, his company launched a new washing machine into the market. Paul was put in-charge of training his firm’s sales reps on the product. He weighed various options and chose mobile learning to deliver the training.

Many members of the product training community have made a similar choice. The mobile learning format is ideal to train traveling staff members such as salespeople and service technicians. The format enables employees, who travel constantly, to access learning content anytime, anywhere (even while travelling) on their smartphones and tablets, in a convenient manner, without disruptions to their work. No wonder, the demand for mobile learning solutions is growing by leaps and bounds.

Are you too planning to unleash the full training potential of the mobile device? You need to know about 5 hot trends, transforming the mobile learning landscape.

1. Video-based Lessons

Videos are the hottest online trend. A study by Cisco showed that these media elements will make up 82% of all consumer Internet traffic by 2020. The phenomenal growth in the use of videos is compelling companies to go for video-based learning in a big way. Mobile devices are ideal platforms to access learning videos. Video-based lessons are delivered automatically in the full screen mode on mobile devices, and this goes a long way in delivering good learning experiences.

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2. Gamification

We live in the age of Candy Crush. The demand for mobile games is increasing at a steady pace, and this trend shows no signs of abating. Good mobile games offer immersive experiences to users, and the corporate world was quick to realize the benefits of applying game elements to learning materials designed for smartphones and tablets. Gamification helps actively engage and motivate your travelling workforce in the learning process. It fosters a spirit of competition amongst your employees, and this motivates them to perform well.

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3. xAPI-compatible Courses

xAPI, also known as Tin Can API, is the latest learning technology standard. This paradigm has ushered in a new era in the realm of mobile learning – it is now possible to track learning activities on smartphones and tablets, even with occasional Internet connectivity. Gone are the days of hassle, when learners had to open your Learning Management System on the web browsers of their mobile devices.

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4. Bite-sized Learning Materials

True to their name, bite-sized learning materials deliver content in an easily digestible manner. They are quickly emerging as the dominant corporate training trend, thanks to the short attention spans of new-age learners. These training resources are ideally suited for delivery through mobile devices. “Mobile learners” find it hard to focus for extended periods of time, and this makes learning nuggets the best choice for delivering content on smartphones and tablets.

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5. Location-based Delivery of Information

Most smartphones and tablets come with navigational aids such as the Global Positioning System (GPS). You can use these tools to deliver required information to learners, based on their location. Consider the following scenario.

A salesman of a washing machine company is meeting with a prospective customer in Rockaway Beach neighborhood in Queens, New York. The customer asks the salesman whether any of his neighbors have purchased washing machines of the latter’s firm. The salesman, by accessing an online module developed using Adobe Captivate 9 (a rapid authoring tool which can be used to develop location-aware learning materials), on his iPad, gets the needed information.

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Mobile learning is the ideal format to train your traveling staff. The trends, discussed above, have indeed opened up new vistas in the world of corporate training. Haven’t they?

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