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5 Reasons Digital Learning is Going the Video Way

In recent years, the demand for online videos has increased considerably and the trend shows no signs of abating. A study by Cisco showed that videos would make up 82% of all IP traffic, by 2020. The phenomenal growth in the popularity of these digital media elements has given a huge impetus to the adoption of video-based learning by the corporate world. Today, we will examine how videos help train workforce effectively.

1. Knowledge Retention Levels are Improved

You want your staff to remember what they have learned and use the knowledge at their workplace, don’t you? Videos are the ideal medium to ensure learning sticks and can be applied effectively. In his best-selling book, Brain Rules – 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home and School, John Medina states that when people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information, three days later. However, supporting the information with a relevant image helps around 65% of people retain the information even after three days. Indeed, videos are the best online tools to train your workforce.

2. Videos can be Accessed Easily on Mobile Devices

We live in the mobile age. The number of people accessing the Internet through smartphones and tablets is growing at a feverish pace. Videos are the perfect tools to train your staff through mobile devices. Short e-learning videos that are less than 5 minutes in duration can be accessed comfortably on mobile devices and are very effective in retaining the attention of learners. Here are a few tips to develop good mobile microlearning videos.

3. Ability to Deliver Various Types of Training

You can use videos to deliver a wide variety of training programs. They are ideal tools for demonstrating products and improving behavior skills. Video-based digital learning modules are very effective in imparting induction training and educating staff members on the use of software applications. You can also use videos to explain the steps involved in a process.

4. Learners can be Engaged Effectively Through Videos

One of the key challenges in imparting effective training through self-paced online courses is learner engagement. Learning videos are the right solution to overcome this problem. Videos enable companies to include the ‘human element’ in their digital training programs, and this helps deliver a personalized learning experience.

5. Training Costs can be Reduced Considerably

It is a well-known fact that training budgets are shrinking and the demands for optimal use of L&D dollars are ever-increasing. This is compelling companies to go for cost-effective solutions, to impart knowledge and skills to their employees. Video-based lessons go a long way in reducing the cost of training. These digital training tools can be produced easily, with minimum expenditure. All it takes to shoot a learning video is the camera of your mobile device; it is as simple as that.

We thus see that videos help impart highly effective training online. No wonder the e-learning world is going the video way. How do you intend to use digital learning videos? We’d love to know.

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