Quick Tips for Successful Virtual Classroom Sessions [Infographic]

Setting up a virtual classroom does require some careful thought and planning. Here’s an infographic that shares some valuable tips to rollout successful virtual classrooms.

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Virtual Classroom: Quick Tips for Getting it Right!

Corporate training offers a plethora of options – traditional and virtual classrooms, flexible eLearning and on-demand mobile learning. But not all organizations have adopted all these options in training. While organizations that made a well-planned investment in online training had no problems dealing with the training disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, that was not the case with organizations continuing with predominantly classroom-based training.

In the past couple of months, many organizations have had to take initiatives to implement virtual classroom sessions. Though virtual classroom platforms are not new, many learners as well as instructors struggle to thrive in this environment. One quick tip to remember is that the “What’s in it for me?” principle applies to any training, and virtual classrooms are no exception.

If learners feel that a training program is not aligned to their needs, their engagement falls.

Take a look at 4 quick tips to conduct successful virtual classroom sessions in this infographic.

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Virtual Classroom: Quick Tips for Getting it Right!

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Clear communication, effective use of technology, and timely reinforcement all go a long way in setting up successful virtual classroom sessions. What are the tips that you have for successful virtual classroom implementation? Share them in the Comments section.

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Generating Motivation and Excitement in the Virtual Classroom
Virtual Classroom: Quick Tips for Getting it Right!
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