The Virtual Classroom: 5 Challenges and Solutions [Infographic]

Is your virtual classroom plan going smoothly? Or are you finally realizing what lack of visual and non-verbal cues can mean? Here is an infographic with solutions for some common virtual classroom challenges.

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Virtual Classroom: How to Overcome 5 Frequently-faced Challenges

If someone had told me last December that within one year a considerable share of classroom training will be replaced by virtual classrooms, I would have laughed. It was not only improbable, it seemed impossible, and yet here we are one year later. Because of some strange cosmic intervention, we have had a yearlong lockdown and every work function, including workplace training had to be conducted through virtual platforms. Think about it, we didn’t even have to convince stakeholders and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), because honestly, there was no other alternative.

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But what next? Is everything going smoothly with your virtual training plan? All those concerns SMEs had about virtual classrooms are not being actualized, are they? Or have you realized that grass always looks greener on the other side and you were not prepared for the challenges that can dampen a virtual classroom experience?

Hey! There’s no need to worry. We are all in this together. And the best part- we also have a remedy. Scroll down to our infographic to understand the major challenges that are faced during the virtual classroom sessions and their respective solutions.

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Virtual Classroom: How to Overcome 5 Frequently-faced Challenges

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Generating Motivation and Excitement in the Virtual Classroom
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