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VILT vs Webinar: Who’s the Gamechanger for Your Corporate Training? [Video]

Isn’t virtual instructor-led training a fancier phrase for webinar? Well, you couldn’t be further from the truth! Continue reading to discover the difference. There are several misconceptions about what virtual instructor-led training really is. Here are a few you might have heard of.

Isn’t virtual instructor-led training where you log in and learn on your own? Isn’t Virtual instructor-led training just another term for a webinar? The answer is a resounding no!

Virtual instructor-led training, also known as VILT, and webinars are two distinct learning methods. They each have upsides and downsides; but what matters is you select the right approach for your learning needs. VILT and webinars are both online training strategies. Both apply synchronous learning, and both employ video conferencing platforms. Yet why do you think VILT performs better than a webinar?

Let’s look for the answer here.

Tips to Tailor VILT Sessions to Replicate the Human Interaction of the Classroom Training

Webinar vs. VILT

Webinars help you reach out to large, diverse groups. Learners call in at the same time using virtual platforms. The presenter or panel guides them, and the content flows one-way from instructor to learner. Learners interact with the instructor and their peers when they ask questions through the chat forum or when instructors unmute the microphones at the end of the presentation. In this manner, facilitators impart knowledge that flows one way from the presenter to the learner.

Webinars are ideal for groups that want to obtain consistent information at once, such as for a training, to receive a message from the CEO, during a product launch, or for a course roll-out. Learners and instructors can also record webinars, which comes in handy during briefings, attending go-to information sessions, and receiving updates.

The primary distinction between VILT and a webinar is the communication orientation. Webinars are typically one-way information exchanges, but VILT offers continuous interaction between the instructor and their learners.

Here’s a video that walks you through five simple reasons to persuade you to pick VILT for your online training requirements. Check out this video. It’s plain to see that VILT is better than a webinar.

This’s what you can expect from VILT. These are five excellent reasons showcasing VILT and its superiority. This online learning technique mimics human interaction and it enables constructive criticism that’s found in the classroom. VILT is also ideal for remote and hybrid workspaces looking to upskill their employees while also avoiding buried expenditures, such as facilitators’ travel, stationery, and accommodation.

It’s a Wrap!

Webinars are still relevant. However, they’re ideal for instructors conveying information to geographically diverse learners and when interaction between the learner and trainer isn’t required.

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