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5 Amazing Benefits of VILT to Provide Top Quality Corporate Training

Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) is an increasingly popular way for organizations to train their employees. It can be done from the comfort of an employee’s own home or office, allowing for a truly flexible learning experience. VILT offers a wide variety of benefits, from cost savings to improved engagement, that makes it an attractive choice for organizations looking to provide their employees with effective and comprehensive corporate training opportunities. In this blog, we’ll explore the top benefits of VILT and discuss why it’s becoming an ever-more popular choice for companies looking to train their employees.

What is The Importance of VILT for Corporate Training

Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) is a form of online training that is led by a live instructor. It is conducted in real-time, allowing for the same level of interaction and engagement as in-person training, but with the added convenience of being able to participate from anywhere with a stable internet connection. VILT typically uses video conferencing software, such as Zoom or Webex, to facilitate the training session. This allows the instructor to present material, lead discussions, and answer questions in real-time, while also allowing for interaction and participation from the trainees.

VILT can be used for a wide range of corporate training, including but not limited to, professional development, compliance training, sales, and customer service training, product training, and onboarding for new hires. It allows companies to train their employees flexibly and cost-effectively, while also ensuring that the training is engaging, interactive, and relevant to the business needs.

Explore the A-Z of mastering virtual instructor-led training!

5 Amazing Benefits of VILT

1. Flexible

VILT allows for more flexible scheduling and location options for employees, as they can participate in training from anywhere with an internet connection. This eliminates the need for employees to travel to a specific location for training, saving time and money for both the employee and the company. Additionally, VILT allows for training to be scheduled at times that are convenient for employees, such as after work or on weekends. This can increase employee engagement and participation in training, as they are more likely to attend if it doesn’t conflict with their work schedule. The flexibility of VILT also allows for a more diverse and geographically dispersed workforce to participate in training together, regardless of their location.

2. Cost-Effective

VILT can save you money on travel and other training expenses, as employees do not need to travel to a specific location for training. Additionally, VILT can be less expensive to set up and run than in-person training, as it does not require a physical training location or materials. It also allows for efficient use of employee time, as they can complete their left-out training during otherwise unproductive periods, such as during their commute. VILT also allows for more targeted and relevant corporate training, since it can be tailored to the specific needs of the business and the employees, this can lead to increased efficiency and cost savings for companies.

3. Interactive

VILT utilizes technology to create engaging and interactive training experiences. It allows for the use of multimedia such as videos, images, and animations to supplement the training material, making it more visually appealing and easier to understand. The live instructor can also use interactive tools like polls, quizzes, and breakout rooms to keep the learners engaged and assess their understanding of the material. This can lead to better knowledge retention, as employees are more likely to retain information when it is presented in an engaging and interactive way. Additionally, VILT allows for real-time feedback from the instructor, which can lead to a more personalized learning experience.

4. Diverse

VILT allows companies to access experts from around the world, regardless of their location. This can lead to a wider variety of training options and a more diverse learning experience for employees. For example, a company based in one country can bring in an expert from another country to provide training on a specific topic or skill. Additionally, VILT can be used to bring together employees from different locations and departments within a company to participate in training together. This can lead to increased collaboration and teamwork among employees, as well as create a more cohesive company culture.

5. Scalable

VILT can be used to train large groups of employees simultaneously, which can lead to increased efficiency and cost savings for companies. The live instructor can present the material to all trainees at once, and interactive tools can be used to facilitate participation from all attendees. This can save time and resources compared to training employees individually or in small groups. Additionally, VILT allows for the creation of recorded sessions, which can be used for future reference or for employees who are unable to attend the live session. This allows for a more efficient and cost-effective way of delivering training to a large number of employees.

Parting Thoughts!

VILT offers an engaging and interactive way of learning which can lead to better retention and understanding of the material. It also allows for real-time feedback and interaction with the instructor. Additionally, it is scalable and can be used to train large groups of employees simultaneously, leading to increased efficiency and cost savings for companies. If you wish to get started with VILT as well, you can check out this amazing eBook.

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