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5 Tips to Manage a VILT Session Effectively [Infographic]

Would you like to provide your learners with a training experience that's as interactive and engaging as a physical classroom, but without the hassle of travel or the constraints of location?

If your answer is yes, then Virtual Instructor-led Training is just the right approach for you. It allows the learners to connect, collaborate, and grow together seamlessly, regardless of their geographical locations.

In this blog, we'll understand what VILT is, learn about its benefits in corporate training, and then explore 5 tips to manage a VILT session effectively.

Are you ready? Let’s start.

What is VILT?

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) is a modern training approach that combines the advantages of traditional classroom training with the flexibility and accessibility of online learning. It involves an instructor in a live session who delivers training to learners in real time. Since the instructor and learners need to be available at the same time for training to take place, it's called synchronous learning.

VILT learning takes place through different web-based platforms and VILT leverages various online formats, such as video conferencing, chat, polls, discussion forums, and collaborative documents, to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among learners. This helps create an engaging and interactive learning environment that fosters high-impact learning and retention.

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Benefits of VILT in Corporate Training

Offers Flexibility and Accessibility

VILT is a great way for organizations to overcome geographical barriers and allow their employees from different locations to attend and actively participate in training sessions without the need for travel. This flexibility not only saves time and costs but also ensures that training is accessible to a diverse and dispersed workforce.

Ensures Cost-Effectiveness

When it comes to cost, classroom training can be quite expensive. It requires the learners to travel to a specific location at a fixed time, thereby adding up to the expenses such as travel costs, venue rent, accommodation, etc. On the other hand, VILT eliminates the abovementioned costs to make it a cost-effective solution for organizations. This is particularly beneficial to organizations with a global presence.

Improves Interactivity and Engagement

VILT fosters a high level of interactivity and engagement among the learners. It can done through various features like live chat, polls, breakout sessions, and discussion forums. These interactivities not only enhance learner engagement but also encourage active participation and collaboration, thereby augmenting the overall effectiveness of the training session.

Real-Time Assessment and Feedback

In Virtual Instructor-led Training, trainers can check learners’ understanding during the session only and provide instant feedback. This ensures learners are heading in the right direction and helps boost attention. The real-time assessment also allows facilitators to quickly adjust the training content and instruction methodology to ensure that participants grasp key concepts before moving forward.


VILT is easily scalable, making it suitable for training large numbers of employees simultaneously. Whether it's onboarding new hires or conducting organization-wide training programs, VILT accommodates diverse training needs efficiently.

5 Tips to Manage a VILT Session Effectively

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5 Tips to Manage a VILT Session Effectively

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Parting Thoughts!

As corporate training continues to evolve, Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT) is a great solution for organizations seeking an effective and scalable training method. It offers a plethora of benefits when the sessions are managed effectively. Now that you know the tips to ensure a high-impact VILT session, why keep waiting? Give VILT a try today and seal your success. To ensure the right start, go through the Virtual Instructor-led Training checklist below!

Checklist Before Launching Your New VILT Program