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How to Select the Right Corporate Training Company for E-learning Development

What do you do when you wish to outsource your e-learning project to an offshore online corporate training company? You probably take the help of the Internet and Google to look for a good corporate training company. But you see that all the websites claim the same – decades of experience, highly qualified team, globally dispersed workforce and what not. This might even be true in most of the cases. But you need a vendor who will be able to provide the right solution to your training need and how do you identify this vendor?

Well, this blog shares a few considerations to help you zero-in on the right corporate training company as your e-learning partner.

Experience in providing corporate training solutions

A custom e-learning development company might not necessarily be involved in developing online training programs for companies. Many of these firms are involved in developing technology-enabled learning programs for K-12 and higher educational institutions, and have little experience in providing online corporate training solutions.You need to ensure you are trying to tie-up with a corporate training company with a good experience in providing training solutions to companies such as yours. This is important because adults learn differently than children. Corporate training firms know this well as they understand adult learning principles and develop e-learning courses based on these principles.

Capabilities of the instructional design and project management teams

Developing e-learning does not mean just publishing your existing PowerPoint presentations, MS-Word documents, or PDF files, online. NO. It’s much more than just publishing online. It’s a science of identifying what to train on, how to train, where to train, when to train, and how much to train. This science is fully understood by experienced instructional designers. Also, there are visual designers and course developers who use their tool expertise to make the course functional and visually rich. Proper communication between you and the vendor’s team plays a key role in the development of the right e-learning solution that meets your needs. So, you must ensure the prospective corporate training company has a team of experienced instructional designers capable of understanding your content and presenting it effectively. The project management team should also be well qualified and experienced so that they clearly understand your need and ensure you get the best solution within your budget, without time overruns.

Quality Assurance process

We all know that project management involves three major aspects – time, cost, and scope. Compromising on any of these aspects would affect the quality of the e-learning solution. So, you need to see that the corporate training company follows a well-defined, robust quality assurance process to ensure the final product you receive is free of errors and technical glitches.

Existing resources such as software licenses, image banks, template libraries

Availability of reusable e-learning development resources such as images and templates helps complete the e-learning project quickly, at low costs. So, you need to ensure the prospective corporate training company has a large image bank and a library of templates. You also need to check whether the company has the necessary licenses to use the e-learning development software.

References of clients in your domain with similar requirements

You need to choose a corporate training company that has served companies in your domain who had requirements similar to yours. This will ensure the company understands your training needs well, vital for developing the right e-learning solution.

Checking out these small little things will help you partner with the right online corporate training company. Hope you find this post useful. Do share your views.

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