Outsourcing E-learning: An Efficient Way to Handle Digital Training Development

Outsourcing E-learning: An Efficient Way to Handle Digital Training Development

Developing a good quality e-learning course is a long and tedious process. Only after applying the expertise of many different domains and passing through the scrutiny of many different stakeholders, can the e-course come to its fruition. But, the current business scenario doesn’t allow the luxury of spending so much time on training development. As new products and services are introduced very frequently now, the cycle to update skills and knowledge is also shortened. So how do you ensure that you e-learning development cycle remains as short as possible?

Instead of expanding your in-house e-learning team, you can opt for outsourcing your digital training development process. With the advent of high speed Internet, and various smart-devices, the world has become a smaller and more accessible place. So let’s see below some of the leading benefits of outsourcing your e-learning development brings to the table:

Access to Excellent Expertise

A good e-learning development team consists of instructional designers, subject matter experts, authoring tool experts, technical support staff, content writers, linguistic experts, and multimedia experts. If you aim to hire such a team of varied professionals in-house, you will face a lot of problems as someone or the other will keep getting hired or fired. This may break the continuity of the e-course development and affect the outcome severely. You also incur significant losses when your team is sitting idle during  downtime.

When you outsource your development, you don’t have to worry about this as e-learning vendors usually have a team of domain experts. They use the latest learning design strategies that will ensure that your courses are always top notch and effective.

Faster Development

Organizations can significantly speed up development just by utilizing the time difference between the two countries. For e.g., if you are an US-based company and you choose to outsource your e-learning development to India, then this allows you to almost work round the clock. The development team in India can create content during their daytime and you can review or approve it during yours. This maximizes resource utilization and ensures a faster delivery.

Freedom To Scale Up Or Down

Over a longer period of time, your e-learning needs are going to change constantly depending on a wide array of things. Adapting to these dynamic training needs with an in-house team can prove to be cumbersome. But, when you outsource your learning development, remember that no one is on your payroll. You just pay for the number of courses you want to develop and the post-production support that you may need. This allows you to easily scale the required output from your vendor through just a phone call.

Hassle-free Development

To counter the length of the e-learning development, vendors usually have a set process. They approach course development step-by-step, involving stakeholders at regular intervals and reviewing the course periodically. This helps them identify any problems at the grass root level and avoids time-consuming revisions at a later stage. Due to their vast experience, e-learning vendors also have an unparalleled command over all the tools used for the development process. This further eliminates chances of any problems.

 Quality Assurance

When you outsource to an experienced e-learning development vendor, you can be assured of the great course quality that they will deliver. E-learning development forms the core business for any good vendor. Meaning they will be single-mindedly dedicated to creating the best possible product for you. If the vendor is well versed with your industry domain, they will take care of all the possible compliance rules pertaining to your organization and will develop the course accordingly. An outsourcing vendor will also follow the latest and best technical specifications for your course, so that your employees get a premium learning experience.

 Cost Effectiveness

Outsourcing your e-learning courses is much cheaper than developing them by yourself. An experienced vendor can reduce the development timelines significantly and make the most out of its budget-heavy development team. Vendors also use authorized, licensed copies of all the development tools and resources used for development. This almost eliminates any legal issues that might surface later on. An e-course created by a vendor will be more impactful when it comes to imparting knowledge and skills to your learners, thereby greatly increasing their productivity. This improves the return on investment of your training budget.

Don’t perform trial and error with your employees’ training program. Bring in the experts to do the job, so that you can concentrate on what you do the best.

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