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5 Reasons to Outsource Online Software Training Development

Ours is a world that runs on software systems. Be it banking, grocery, shopping, travel, entertainment, or any other aspect of our lives, everything is now driven by software systems. Even in a corporate environment, employee management, supply chain, HR, accounting and many activities are driven by software systems. Every system has a lot of tasks (with steps for each), for each function that employees need to be well versed with, to ensure smooth functioning. This makes software training a very important component for organizational success.

However, software training is very different from other trainings, as it has a lot to do with procedures to work on the software. Everything you do in a software has a lot of steps, which varies for employees of different departments. That’s why developing software training modules inhouse can prove to be challenging.

Approaching it with conventional text-heavy methods won’t work very well as going through endless procedure after procedure will put learners off. In order to capture the learner’s attention and create an impact, you really need to think out of the box, and that takes a lot of time, effort and creativity. That’s why you can consider outsourcing your software training development needs to an experienced e-learning vendor. Let’s look at a few reasons that make e-learning vendors ideal candidates for handling your software trainings:

1. Offer Experiential Learning with Simulations

The best way to provide software training is to create a risk-free emulation of the working scenarios. For obvious reasons, a newbie can’t practice directly on a live software environment as it will have real life implications. You can circumvent this using simulations. E-learning vendors use the latest authoring tools to create simulations based on the different functionalities of the software. By giving your learners a firsthand experience of the software without any associated risks, you can ease the learning process to a great extent. Hiring a vendor ensures that simulations are created the right way.

2. Provide Immersive Learning with Games

Using fully playable games is an out of the box, highly effective, method for software training. All the procedures and principles of your software are embedded into the game. Learners need to play this to get familiar with the steps of execution. But creating such games is another challenge all together. If you outsource your e-learning to a proficient vendor, they will have access to all the creative and technical personnel required to create an impactful game. This will make your software training fun and effective.

3. Incorporate Story-based Learning

Many times, employees don’t realize the real-life implications of using a software. For e.g., changing some parameters in an ERP program can affect the performance graph or initiating some things in the Supply Chain Management software can cause the displacement of tons of goods. To give learners a better idea of what your software actually does, you can make use of relatable stories and scenarios. Since you will need to creatively depict the situation, for which the involvement of specific subject matter experts is required, it would be best to seek help from e-learning vendors who can guide you through the entire process.

4. Offer High Domain Knowledge

The same software used by different departments in the same industry will have different nuances to it. On top of that, people with a different skill set and in different roles will use it differently. An experienced e-learning vendor who has already worked for a similar software in other companies will know the nitty-gritties that go into specifics. Using their previous experience, they can easily create an up-to-date e-learning course according to your industry domain.

5. Ensure Flawless Technical Parameters

E-learning courses are all about the learning experience that they offer your employees. No matter how good a simulation you create, immersive a storyline you develop, or enjoyable the game you put together, nothing matters if your learners can’t access these things smoothly, on multiple devices. To ensure that, you need to take care of many technical parameters, such as having a responsive course design and an LMS. An experienced e-learning vendor will develop a responsive course and take care of all the technicalities related to the LMS.

Since you have decided to use e-learning for your software system training, why not take another step in the right direction and hire an e-learning vendor to do it the right way?

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